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Shop : Healing and Well Being : Forgiveness : Unlocking the Power and Beauty of Greater Understanding
  • Unlocking the Power and Beauty of Greater Understanding

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    To understand in a meaningful way, it is important to be conscious of your current rapport and to develop that rapport into a solid relationship with understanding. It is important to mature that relationship into an alliance. With an alliance, not only can you understand and be understood, you can also open the gateways to the untold mystery and magic, the unspoken poignancy and power, and the untouched elegance and beauty of being understanding. ~ Lazaris

    During the discussion, Lazaris laid the foundation of rapport, with its resistance … relationship, with listening to the voices of understanding … and alliance, with its sense of revelation. When we create an alliance with understanding we can take that next step: we can unlock the power and beauty of even greater understanding. And beyond understanding? Freedom. Celebration. In illuminating understanding,  Lazaris lays out a precise map: We own our resistance and open to forgiveness. We awaken compassion and enter the Magic of Compassion. Then we wake uncertainty: knowing with certainty and knowing without certainty. As the journey continues, we open to hearing, beyond listening, the voices of understanding. And finally, we own our new Mantle of Understanding. This powerful recording concludes with a powerful and beautiful meditation.

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    Keywords: Understanding, Forgiveness, Compassion, Uncertainty, Mantle

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