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Shop : Healing and Well Being : Forgiveness : The Ancient's Rite of Forgiveness
  • The Ancient's Rite of Forgiveness

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    Amid all the mysteries, it is forgiveness that is the miracle of magic, of your magic. Forgiveness nurtures, nourishes, and heals. Forgiveness can be that amazing light showing you your way. (Lazaris)

    During the 2012 Culminating Weekend, Lazaris reminded us of the power of forgiveness: The true power of forgiveness . . . is found in the space between -- between forgiving yourself and forgiving others. There are no words to describe that force, to describe the magic found in the space of forgiveness, but you can feel it, and it does produce change in you, in your reality, and in your world." In response to so many requests, we are releasing the ritual from Saturday evening of that Culminating Weekend. It's called The Ancient's Rite of Forgiveness. It is elegant. It is beautiful. It is powerful beyond words. (audio or video).

    Music used in this release:
    Forgiveness, Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 6
    Let Me Hold You, Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 3
    Lead Me to You from the album Into Forever © by Frank Steiner, Jr. Available from
    Seduction from the recording Love Moods © 2002 Authenticity LLC www.Fastideas.Biz, published by Music From Now On (ASCAP), CD available, All rights reserved.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: The Ancient's Rite of Forgiveness

    Keywords: Forgiveness, Culminating Weekend,

    Price: $19.95

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