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  • The Wonder of Gratitude: Enriching the Bounty of Your Magic

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    Gratitude inspires new dreams and visions, lofty dreams and daring visions that create new horizons with new challenges and new opportunities. - Lazaris

    This evening recording begins with a delightful review of what gratitude is. It is so much more than thankfulness and appreciation. Lazaris continues with the foundation of powers that are both spoken and unspoken. For example: When we celebrate gratitude, our enthusiasm for passion, creativity, and aliveness expand, and our lives can become fascinating. We can become fascinating people. Gratitude can also awaken the thrill of "living and loving loud," and it can open the way to gracious and exalted loving, giving, and receiving.

    As well, gratitude is a virtue, the seed of all virtues, and it can be our new foundation of growing, changing, and evolving as we and our world become new. With as much as gratitude can be, it can become more if we reach beyond summoning the power and begin to awaken the wonder of gratitude. A few of the wonders . . . Gratitude is beautiful, unprecedented, and ineffable. It is empowering and majestic. Gratitude is miraculous, allowing receiving to become Exalted Receiving.

    As the evening continues to unfold, Lazaris lays out an elegant map (a step-by-step map ) to awaken the Wonder of Gratitude. When we ponder and savor gratitude -- when we genuinely appreciate the richness, the fullness, of our gratitude -- we can awaken its majesty. A captivating evening of magic concludes with a Blending Meditation: Invoking the Majesty of Gratitude.

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    Meditation: Blending/ Meditation: Invoking the Majesty of Gratitude

    Keywords: Gratitude, Savoring, Wonder, Unspoken Power

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