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Shop : Creativity and Beauty : Creativity : Mapmaker's Dream: Living the Enchanted Life
  • Mapmaker's Dream: Living the Enchanted Life

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    "An enchanted life holds room for the eternal and the sacred and for everyday miracles and revelatory moments." - (Lazaris)

    The entire evening was a magical working beginning with a beautiful exploration of what an enchanted life is: It is intense, imbued with mystery and wonder, and sculpted of order and purpose around an armature of significant meaning and value. Lazaris then reaches further and reviews the necessary fundamentals that become our foundation: from touching the mystery of love and of being loved to touching imagination and its beauty; wonder with its creativity; and joy and the ensuing compassion.

    Between the touches, our foundation is built upon embracing either belonging or robust futures, upon being sensuous with both our feelings and our wisdom, and upon honoring life. From that foundation we can leap: We employ Embracing Chaos/Order; Connecting with Nature; Awakening the Magical Child; Connecting with Creativity; Embracing Pleasure/Greater Joy; and Putting the Foundation into Action as we raise our voices and participate within the consensus reality of which we are still a part. There is brilliance and genius in this map. Enchantment is within our reach; it is within our grasp. Infused with the Essence of Enchantment this elegant map comes more alive with animism and dynamism. The magical working of the evening concludes with a stunning meditation: Recapturing the Essence of Enchantment.

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    Meditation: Recapturing the Essence of Enchantment

    Keywords: Chaos, Nature, Magical Child, Creativity, Enjoyment, Greater Joy, Essence, Compassion, Beauty

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