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  • Enhancing Visualization: Allowing Your Meditations To Come Alive

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    A candle, a wedge of fruit ... When we use meditative and visualization techniques -- with preset images designed ahead of time -- we generally have the level of visualization we'll need to effect the manifestation of what we want. But when we enter free-form meditations of exploration, when we encounter the Unconscious, when we go to our Higher Self for answers, we need an enhanced level of visualization that transcends the one-dimension visualization of seeing and engages a multidimensional sensing. Lazaris gives a four-phase process using a candle and a wedge of fruit (accompanied by a music/communication meditation to use in all four phases) to bring our visualization to a level that can be relied upon in free-form explorations with our Unseen Friends and in the episodic development of our personal dream. (30 minutes)

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    Keywords: Fantasia, Visualization,, Candle Visualization Technique, Unseen friends

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