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Shop : Creativity and Beauty : Creativity : Celebrating Creation: The Great Wheel Turns (Excerpts)
  • Celebrating Creation: The Great Wheel Turns (Excerpts)

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    We can enter the Great Wheel and artfully walk its rounds. This particular weekend was a gem among weekends with Lazaris. This recording includes selected excerpts from that event. Included are excerpts from discussions of: Eternal Turning of the Great Wheel, the Mystery & Magic of the Great Wheel, and the Grace of the Great Wheel. Lazaris describes each turn and allows us to discover the significance of each. The excerpts also include an exploration of how to be responsible for our successes. We know the value of such responsibility, but this is the first time Lazaris has laid out the steps so clearly and concisely. Also, there are excerpts from the Sunday morning discussion of how to bring celebrating creation into our daily lives and how to work with the turns of the Great Wheel. This is a delightful recording with wonderful insights that are rich with possibility and potential and that can open us to unlimited opportunities. No meditation. 2 hours, 20 minutes

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    Keywords: Great Wheel, Responsibility for Success, Celebrating, Creation

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