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  • Awakening Our Genius

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    The concept of genius is latticed with misconceptions: some see it as high I.Q. or a specific talent. Some think genius means being perfect, or that it's something unfathomable. But more than that, fear, anxiety, dread and indebtedness all put our unique genius, which will defy consensus definitions, to sleep -- and unresolved pain and rage can overshadow it. Yet it is there, and within it lies the stuff of miracles. It is a synergy of wisdom, patience, dreaming, and a perspective of the possible; it is a capacity of knowing, a quality of persistence, and the willingness to be wrong (and then to change) in the pursuit of what is right, beautiful, and true. This is an amazing discussion, with an incredible meditation which Lazaris guides to fire neurons and recalibrate the brain. He concludes with a series of incredible techniques, including the Crimson Disk technique and work with the Future Self. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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    Meditation: Recalibration of the Brain Meditation for Genius

    Keywords: Streaming; Download, Conscious Rebellion, Genius, Self-Doubt, Fear, Wisdom, Crimson Disk Technique, Future Self, Expectation, Wisdom, Dreaming, Patience

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