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  • Legacy PPV Joy's Creative Chaos: The Duende at Work, One-Day Workshop ~ San Francisco, September 2012

    Product #9122

    9122 Joys Creative Chaos
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Duende, Joy, Great Work

    Price: $125.00


    It might begin with a unique hush. It may be set in motion as we wait upon the shadows of the moon. We might hear whispers, or we could hear nothing at all. Our Duende at work is a mysterious and enchanting experience that quickly slips beyond description.

    Our Duende: It can haunt us, seem to trick or deceive us, yet it holds the most precious secrets of our Soul, of our Soul's dreams, and of our destiny. It can be impish, impatient, and demanding, yet it holds the keys to our passion and freedom, and to living an enchanted life. It can be our daimon, our spirited genius, and it can be our demon. We wrestle with it all our lives.

    When we can embrace our Duende at work, the exceptional and the extraordinary can unfold, and our lives can change. The world can change. Our Great Work can expand.
    In the creative chaos – Joy's Chaos – we can explore, discover, and change. From a foundation of illuminating the nature of joy and its paradox, and of understanding the nature and paradox of our Duende, we can take a grand leap into a mysterious and magical embrace. Lifting our passion, expanding our joy, we can plunge into the depths of chaos and engage our Duende at work. We can discover new depths of love and healing as well as new dimensions of enchantment. 

    From this foundation, we will work our magic along with Lazaris in a Matrix of Magical Rituals that may include: Dancing with the Duende; Waiting upon One; Listening to the Whispers and Shadows; or Awakening the Sublime.

    Come. Share the joy, work the magic, engage your Duende. Allow yourself the gift: an enchanting day of magic with Lazaris. Welcome.


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    9123 Joys Creative Magic

    9123 Joys Creative Magic

    Price: $125.00

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