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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Reality Creation : Utilizing the Power of Solstice & Equinox Energy
  • Utilizing the Power of Solstice & Equinox Energy

    Product #6003


    Times of magic honored in Sumeria, Egypt, Atlantis, and Lemuria, the equinox and solstice periods (28 days a year) mark the beginnings and endings of cycles of growth and manifestation. In this recording Lazaris shows us how to use this mystical energy consciously to augment ongoing programmings, to initiate new desires and expectations, and to declare at an end the darker aspects of self – the righteousness, martyrhood, self-pity, domination or manipulation we want to release. This holds as well for patterns of behavior, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A time of release, a time of initiation, a time for celebration. Lazaris outlines a 7-day, 7-step process that includes a Candle and Water Technique and a glorious meditation. A title to use 28 days a year, every year. (1 hour)

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Solstice/Equinox Meditation

    Keywords: Solstice, Equinox, Resonance, Spiritual Heritage, Sun, Magic, Lemuria, Atlantis, Dreams, Visions, Healers, Witnesses, Keepers of the Flame, Guardians of the Light, Sumeria, Egypt, Middle Ages, Great

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