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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Reality Creation : Utilizing the Power of Choice to Generate Profound Change
  • Utilizing the Power of Choice to Generate Profound Change

    Product #555


    With belief, choice is the most powerful of the raw materials from which all of reality is created. It is the cornerstone of success, and it is so powerful that it can supersede every hormonal, genetic, and ego template: It can direct the neural pathways and the calibrations of the cerebral cortex and the frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes. It is seminal to change, integral to learning, and it is always conscious. Lazaris' exploration of the power of choice and his meditation to discover its mystery and mysticism are gifts of the capacity for profound change. He helps us alleviate the impact of chauvinism, blockages, and limited life patterns and world views. Included are several powerful techniques for utilizing the immense power of choice: Luminous Intent and Self-Reflection Techniques, Threading the Needle Technique, and a process for Navigating the Narrows. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Mystery

    Keywords: Mysterious Choice, Mystical Choice, Paradox, Success, Subconscious, Unconscious, Luminous Intent, Evolution,Future, Life Pattern

    Price: $24.95

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