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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Reality Creation : The True Magic & Power of Waking Up & Staying Awake
  • The True Magic & Power of Waking Up & Staying Awake

    Product #489


    Waking up -- and staying awake -- is key to an amazing sort of magic. It is one of the essential steps to Never-Ending Life, one of the spiritual activities comprising the mystery and magic of immortality. It is one of the essential catalysts and keys to Ultraconsciousness. Yet we fear it, and we'll cover it up with martyrhood, the refusal to forgive our own failures, and the blackmail and manipulation of self-pity. Lazaris reviews these and then charts our escape through the power of positive motivation and personal depth and then relates tools for flushing out the anesthetics that divide us from who we really are. The meditation is a joy, an enlivening and indelible experience of what it's like to really be awake and to stay awake. Blending with Lazaris included. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Meditation for "Waking Up and Staying Awake"

    Keywords: Positive Motivation, Personal Depth, Flushing the "Anesthetics", Martyrhood, Self-Pity, Choosing Your Own Lessons, Immortality, Ultraconsciousness, Failure, Forgiveness

    Price: $24.95

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