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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Reality Creation : The Powerful Secret of Reflection: "With Little or No Effort At All"
  • The Powerful Secret of Reflection: "With Little or No Effort At All"

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    Reflection is a wonderful ally. It is like a clutch you can push in to disengage your reality for a moment -- suspending a crisis or avalanche -- and re-engage in a different space, even a different reality. Its components are the etheric/psychic energy of attention, the linking energy of intention, image, and action. It is a powerful agent of rapid, profound change with little or no effort at all. Engaging genius and expanded metaphor, and leaving admonishment and judgment behind, we can move through a process that travels down through fear and control until we find the Luminous Intent that lies behind every action, even those that are essentially negative. The Luminous Intent meditation can take us there in minutes. Lazaris also has us work with the Circle of Focus Technique, the energies of Sirius, and the Double-Tetrahedron Technique. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Luminous Intent / Reflection Meditation

    Keywords: Reflection, Reality-Reflection, Self-Reflection, Pushing in the Clutch Technique, Circle of Focus Technique, Double-Tetrahedron, Sirius Connection Techniques, Luminous Intent, Attention, Intention, C

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