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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Reality Creation : Harnessing Our Personality Drive: Lazaris Explores the Enneagram (Intensive Excerpts Only)
  • Harnessing Our Personality Drive: Lazaris Explores the Enneagram (Intensive Excerpts Only)

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    We can clear away the dust and peel back the layers to reveal and discover our personality drive. We can stop being blindly driven by it. We can end the uncertainty, fear, and anxiety of being so driven by energies and forces we do not yet understand. We can take charge and start driving our own lives with confidence and resolve. We can become the winners, celebrating being victorious at life and being victorious at living our destiny. We can be winners, triumphant with a life enriched with loving and caring and rich with wonder and mystery. Lazaris clears away the dust and peels back the layers by working with an ancient matrix called Enneagram. Woven deep within the mysticism of Enneagram, we can find the drive of personality and we can find more of ourselves. We can unravel the circuitry of our Subconscious Mind, restructuring it. Revealing the secrets of our Unconscious Self, we can catapult forward upon our path and journey: Coming Home. With his unmatched insight, Lazaris works with the matrix of Enneagram as no one has done before. Reviewing the physical, his focus is upon the spiritual of Enneagram. Reminding us of our deterioration and disintegration, his emphasis is upon our elevation and integration. With this focus and emphasis, he lovingly and safely guides us into many mysteries yet to be resolved. He lifts the veils of perception and of resistance so that we might unlock the sheer and beautiful forces of Enneagram with an overflowing of celebration and triumph. Once unlocked, we can utilize those otherwise untapped forces and flows as resources to having it all. (Excerpts only; no meditation) approx. 7 hrs.

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    Keywords: Enneagram; Integration; Elevation; Deterioration; Disintegration; Personality; Drive; Lean

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