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  • Expanding Success Exponentially

    Product #529


    Exponential Success: Success that expands in all directions at the same time. How to accomplish it? Lazaris talks about a crack in reality that is filled with light, and how we can widen it to "wiggle through" to exponential success. A seven-step process includes work with the chemical and electromagnetic changes in the brain that shift each time we create a success and really let it in. The power of success creates a resonance -- a force field -- that draws more success like a magnet. The Condensation of Success means squeezing every ounce of meaning from it that we can. Creating an alliance with Success and discovering the Essence of Success, we slip through the crack into explosive, exponential success that is moving in all directions simultaneously. The meditation on this recording is phenomenal, and Lazaris also includes techniques for using the Success Cube and for Dialoguing with the Personification of Success itself. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Meditation to Expand Success Exponentially

    Keywords: Success Puzzle, Success Cube, Personification of Success, Creating an Alliance with Success, Essence of Success, Condensation of Success

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