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  • Consciously Creating Success

    Product #416


    This tape deals with core components of reality creation -- the way success works, the qualities always present in us when we're creating success, the seven Success Steps that will ensure it, and the extraordinary Success Cube -- whose mutable dimensions allow us to increase the types of success we can have, the heights we can achieve, and the depths of satisfaction we experience with them. A fabric woven of dominion and gratitude, happiness and willingness, the capacity to consciously create success is one of the Life Focuses of every lifetime we live and an integral part of our spirituality and evolution. A fantastic tape with a meditation you will do over and over as the Success Cube expands and expands. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Garden of Success (Success Cube) Meditation

    Keywords: Components of Success, Life Focuses, Success Cube, Image, Success Steps, Dominion, Gratitude, Gift of Success, Happiness, Willingness, Creativity

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