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  • Co-Creating with the Archetypes

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    The time is ripe and only getting riper; you are ready and your readiness only increases. -- Lazaris

    This magical excursion begins as Lazaris explores the value of co-creation. It is key to magical workings; it is critical to exploring Oneness; and it is vital to creating the positive future and the New World now destined to be. The journey deepens as Lazaris talks of the objective Archetypes - the “formless forms” that God and Goddess use to create all that is. From the objective Archetypes we begin to understand our personal archetypes - those objective Archetypes with whom we are destined to work and with whom we have a unique relationship of success. And then there are the private archetypes of our design. The discussion deepens as Lazaris lays out a step-by-step process to Initiate Co-Creation Magic. After a powerful meditation, the evening concludes as Lazaris offers ways to find our private and personal archetypes and how to work with the magic of the objective Archetypes. The techniques include: The Magician's Mound, Crystal Workings, the Elixir of Dreams, and The Valley of Giants. This is another exceptional evening with implications and potentials far beyond anything words could describe. Essential for the serious magician.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Initiating Co-Creation in the Valley of Giants

    Keywords: Archetypes, Objective Archetypes, Personal Archetypes, Private Archetypes, Co-Creation, Veils Between Worlds, Veil of Magics, Elixir of Dreams, Magician's Mound

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