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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Dreaming Your Future : Crafting and Building Your New Life Part 2 (Excerpts) (audio)
  • Crafting and Building Your New Life Part 2 (Excerpts) (audio)

    Product #523013a


    With this title Lazaris continues the process of crafting and building a new life, a life that stirs romance and brings hope. Out of such a life can flow a wondrous peace and an ineffable sense of beauty. These remarkable excerpts expand upon and deepen the experience, dimension and understanding that Lazaris began with the first Crafting Your Life DVD, yet it also stands alone. Welcome to a magical, mysterious, amazing excursion, a journey to elevate and empower the living of life.

    This title does not have a meditation.

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    Keywords: DVD, Crafting Your Life

    Price: $29.95

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