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  • The Backdrop of Success: Creating the New Fabric

    Product #488


    Functioning in a 3-dimensional reality requires a backdrop. We arrive at adulthood with what is basically a Backdrop of the Past -- made of fears and payoffs, riddled with the components of the Dark Shield, and glued together by the Dark Law. It leads always and inevitably to mediocrity and disintegrates from there, often into a Backdrop of Tragedy which produces a reality of Nightmares. But there is another backdrop -- always consciously created -- which produces personal and global Dreams, a reality of ever-increasing miracles: the Backdrop of Success. On this tape Lazaris helps us to understand and step out of the backdrops we have outgrown, and helps us construct a Backdrop of Success that draws on a Context of the Future -- a context that heals all four of the bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric) and puts us on the pathway of our true Spiritual Drive. With a beautiful meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Surrendering to the Magic Meditation (Allowing Help)

    Keywords: Success, Mediocrity, Dreaming, The Human Gifts, The Past, Dominion, The Future, Dark Shield, Dark Law, Context of the Future

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