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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Creating Happiness : Rising to the New Dawn: Forging Courage, Perseverance and Conviction (Excerpts)
  • Rising to the New Dawn: Forging Courage, Perseverance and Conviction (Excerpts)

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    Beyond our confusion and uncertainty, beyond our resistance and apprehension, we have discovered so many treasures and gifts, and there are so many more gems and jewels of happiness, of success, and of love waiting to be uncovered and embraced. In the current airs of transformation, we stand ready to step forth as illuminating beacons of hope; we stand ready to transcend. Even as our course of the future may be uncharted and uncertain, our upcoming successes can be unprecedented and unparalleled. We are ready and it is the dawning of our day.

    The entire Friday evening portion of this incredible culminating weekend workshop is available. Now, excerpts from Saturday and Sunday are available including a meditation especially recorded for this release. Lazaris carefully details the components necessary to construct our forge . . . he speaks of the domain of happiness and love - the happiness of living the truer life and the exquisite love of defining moments. To this domain we bring mystery . . . the mystery of passion and of intimacy. Once we build our forge, we need to activate it with the glimmer and shimmer of fulfillment. Within the forge, we can engage the lost art of forging magic. We can become the smithies of this lost art. We can metaphorically hammer and bend, we can carefully form and reform: we can forge courage, perseverance, and conviction. And we can work the magic - forging magic - with so much more.

    These excerpts capture the essential information of this culminating weekend. We can learn a new expression of magic that can be a powerful and profound addition to our already existing repertoire of magic. We can find our voice and we can be heard. And as Lazaris reminds us, we never have to be the same again. New meditation included. 5 hours, 15 minutes

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Creating the Forge

    Keywords: Forging; courage; perseverance; conviction, culminating, voice, passion, intimacy

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