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  • Rekindling the Thrill: The Magic of Enthusiasm

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    Enthusiasm, an excitement imbued with the divine, is a lost art. It is seminal t o being fully conscious and awake, to our longevity, and to fulfilling our destiny. It is key to our passion and our ecstasy. When we can rekindle the thrill, enthusiasm can, once again, become a mysterious force within our repertoire of magic. Greater happiness and joy ... a greater love and greater living ... can be ours. Lazaris explores what rekindling the thrill can mean to our pleasure, our passion, and our destiny. He shows how thrill plays a profound role at the core of power. As well, thrill can be a critical part of our long and happy life (longevity), our "best yet" future, and our sacred sense of dominion and divinity. Then Lazaris takes us upon a delightful journey to discover where we can find the thrill - where we can find the thrill we once had and where we can find the thrill brand-new. From the messages lost within our old hidden agendas to the messages from the Muse, we can find, rekindle and make new. Within the antidotes or substitutes for expectation and within our enemies of choice, we can find the hints and clues of where to search for our personal thrill and the enthusiasm that accompanies it. Then we can look into the peaks of our love and into the troughs of our past. Often we did not lose the thrill: It was stolen. The pain and trauma that we once knew may well have stolen our thrill as well as our dreams. Within the field of force of our love, we can heal that old pain and remove its scars. We can find the thrill we once knew. Lazaris concludes his discussion with techniques for working with crystals - calcite and apophyllite. He also talks of techniques to involve working in The Liminal. Profoundly beautiful and powerful meditation included.

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    Meditation: The Sacred Place of Enthusiasm

    Keywords: Thrill, Enthusiasm, Familiarity, Assimilation, Pleasure, Passion, Destiny, Core of Power, Longevity, Future, Agendas, Expectation, Enemies of Choice, Muse

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