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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Creating Happiness : New Workings of Magic: Lifting Ordinary Happiness to Extraordinary Growing and Changing
  • New Workings of Magic: Lifting Ordinary Happiness to Extraordinary Growing and Changing

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    Yes, you know happiness, and you want greater happiness. You want to feel it more deeply. You know happiness, but you have also lost it, abandoned it, relinquished it. There is more that you can acquire, and there is happiness you never thought you could have. ~ Lazaris

    Lazaris began the evening with a quick review of what happiness is and of what impedes our capacity to lift our happiness to extraordinary levels: Fear, guilt, anxiety, and limited or confined imagination, and limited humility are a few.

    From this foundation, Lazaris turned to explore the seven most powerful workings of magic and offered details and insights so we could add dimension to the magic we already know. The Dreaming-Visioning Technique is the most basic. The 33-Second Technique is the most powerful along with the Mists of Manifestation and the Tonal Creation and Manifestation techniques. He spoke of the New Magic and the Releasing technique, and concluded this portion of the evening by talking about Mystic Mills Magic.

    Lazaris followed this beautiful exploration by detailing four new workings of magic: Tempering Magic, Infusing Magic, Empowering Magic, and Enhancing Magic.

    This unforgettable evening ended with a powerful meditation: Tempering Magic: Tempering Imagination.

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    Meditation: Tempering Magic: Tempering Imagination

    Keywords: Dreaming; Visioning; Tempering; Guilt, Anxiety, Fear, Mystic Mills

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