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  • Morning and Evening Blendings

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    The Morning Tape and Evening Tape were classic recordings that many have listened to time and time again. Lazaris recorded these additional blendings in this series, and as some prefer to meditate in the morning and some in the evening, you can purchase them separately or together.

    Morning and Evening Blendings with Lazaris: “Relax. Let go. Let yourself rest there in the between of being asleep and being awake. Rest in the between. ... We will join you there, there in the between of a moment.” What a beautiful way to wake up on a Monday morning. What a wonderful way to wake up each morning. Lazaris has created fourteen intimate blendings, one for each morning and each evening of the week. Together with Lazaris, we create a profoundly insightful and powerful map for living and loving the Magical Life: Sea of Possibility — Her Sea, The Between Senses, The Hammock of Dreams ... incredible healing and balancing blendings, special moments with our Higher Self and Soul and with our Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and yes, special moments each morning and each evening, exquisite moments with Lazaris.

    Morning Blendings with Lazaris: What a beautiful way to wake up each morning, and what an incredibly powerful way to set the tone for a wondrous day. The resonance of these blendings is profound, and the essence of the magic that Lazaris works for us can infuse our days with hope and joy.

    Evening Blendings with Lazaris: What a lovely way to slip into repose just before sleep and the land of dreams ... to blend with Lazaris in an intimate and peaceful way, and to let ourselves receive healing while we sleep ... an elegant and tender way to receive love.


    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Morning and Evening Blendings with Lazaris

    Keywords: Healing, Programming, Rest, Balancing

    Price: $59.90

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