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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Creating Happiness : Lifting The Veil of Mattering and Revealing the Joy of Living and Loving Life (Excerpts) (audio)
  • Lifting The Veil of Mattering and Revealing the Joy of Living and Loving Life (Excerpts) (audio)

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    Nothing has to be the same. Nothing. You can touch the joy that has no name; it can touch and change you. You can embrace the love that is beyond all names; it can embrace and heal you. — Lazaris

    This title is composed of excerpts from Saturday morning: a powerful and touching discussion of what mattering truly is: its mystery and mystique, and an in-depth discussion of the four corridors that create the Confluence of Mattering. There are also portions from Saturday afternoon: an exploration of the four Subtle Veils that can impede our discovery of the mystery of mattering. It is a powerful addition to the Friday evening recording, and it is a beautiful way to remember this amazing Culminating Weekend of 2006. This title also contains two wonderful meditations: Lazaris’ magnificent Saturday Night Healing Meditation and the powerful concluding meditation, Collecting and Releasing Mattering into the World, from Sunday afternoon where we follow the map laid during these three days, collect the mystery, and then release mattering into the world.

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    Meditation: Saturday Night Healing Meditation, Collecting and Releasing Mattering into the World

    Keywords: Mattering, Healing, Saturday night Healing Meditation, joy, loving

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