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  • Handling Crises to Maximize Success

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    Beginning with a concise and illuminating definition of crisis, Lazaris explores the three distinct kinds of crises and focuses on what causes crisis in our lives. From this base, he explores ways of handling crisis with three specific steps: Anticipating Crisis, Containing Crisis, and Overcoming Crisis.

    Lazaris explains that we can do much more with crises: Beyond only handling them, we can create an alliance. With an Alliance with Crisis we can use its energy and force to maximize our success. Suddenly what has previously been filled with fear and pain – and what we thought we must avoid at all cost – can become a viable part of our spiritual growth and a profound part of our success and happiness.

    Lazaris explores four distinct ways that, beyond handling crises, we can create an alliance with them: The Mystery of Spiritual Challenge; Crystal Work: Crisis Crystals; Beyond the Threshold of Crisis: Shrinking & Turning Crises; and Crisis and Our Future Self. We can learn the step-by-step approach with each technique.

    When he talks of crystals, Lazaris specifically recommends crystal spheres and how to work with smoky, citrine, and clear quartz as well as how to work with tourmalines and other beryl crystals.

    Meditation included.

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    Meditation: Beyond the Threshold of Crisis

    Keywords: Beyond the Threshold of Crisis

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