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  • Finding the Mattering in Your Life

    Product #710


    Mattering can be alive with mystery and vivid with magic. ... Its mystery and magic can trigger something more, and something beyond, that can be transcendent. There is splendor in it.-- Lazaris

    Lazaris begins this exploration by pointing out why mattering matters: from feeding our soul to awakening our spirit to creating new “adult dreams,” finding the mattering in our lives has immense value and power. Yet we resist. Beyond our resistance we can discover numerous avenues – avenues other than tragedy: exquisite moments and defining moments of love; engaging our minds (beyond our conscious brains); and seeking the light and beauty of our framework (memories, myths, dreams, and visions). We can stir the essence of mattering and capture that mattering in our lives: We can also consciously work with the fundamentals of mattering from humility to love and thinking/feeling; from possibility to courage and joy. Additionally, we can work with the seven notes and five tones of knowing. The evening concludes as Lazaris lays out a foundation of techniques and then guides us in a meditation. That meditation, Finding the Mattering, is included.

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    Meditation: Finding the Mattering

    Keywords: Mattering, Beauty, Splendor, Adult Dreams, Visions, Notes and Tones of Knowing

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