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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Creating Happiness : Expanding Your Magic with Crystals (video)
  • Expanding Your Magic with Crystals (video)

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    Through Lazaris‘ incredible demonstrations, we can learn specific methods for cleaning, clearing, and aligning crystals of our keeping. We can learn of their nature, their tradition and provenance, and of their destiny. We can learn loving methods for amplifying the energy of crystals to be in line with our tradition, purpose, and our destiny as well. In all this, we can find the inspiration to design our own aligning and amplifying techniques. Lazaris will show us how to create Crystal Grids & Matrices to generate a synergy of Resonance Healing that can profoundly affect our crystals and that can change and grow us in our current reality and at the level of our soul. It's a stunning expression and demonstration of how our magic, our happiness, and our success can expand. An enriching video, filled with wonder and beauty. 90 min.

    (Allow extra time for the download as videos are much larger files than audio).

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    Keywords: crystals, grids, templates, elestials, Rutile, pendulum, "cleaning crystals", "clearing crystals", kyanite, "Record Keepers", elestial, template, gateway

    Price: $29.95

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