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  • Creating a Brilliant Future

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    This is the first tape of a trilogy. #2: Winning: New Tools to Get What You Really Want; and #3: Secrets to Changing Anything in Your Life Instantly. A ground-breaking tape on success and the first part of a magnificent trilogy, this tape focuses on how to craft a future reality (that will affects us now) that is brilliantly powerful, successful, and beautiful. Lazaris takes us on a journey to activate very deep recesses in our brain -- the recesses that are constantly manufacturing the future whether we're aware of it or not. He works with our dreams, breathing new life into them, so that they can repattern our automatic responses, so they are constantly working for elegance, happiness, and success. Awakened then is High Magic, the purest, most powerful form of magic. And then we cultivate our Spirit and our Soul to constantly pour their magnificent energies in our future. The result is a future not just bright, but brilliant. With a stunning meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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    Meditation: Meditation for Creating a Brilliant Future

    Keywords: Streaming; Download, Breathing Life into Our Dreams Technique, Activating the Deep Recesses of Our Brain Technique, High Magic, Cultivating Our Remarkable Soul Technique, The Path of Receiving

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