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  • Becoming an Artisan of Triumph

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    Triumph can transform success, no matter how large or small, into grand success that can be both magical and miraculous, and where achievements and accomplishments are exuberant with happiness and joy. Triumph, a standing wave of resonance more powerful than the components that comprise it, becomes an attractor and an anchor for magical and miraculous success. With the artistry of triumph comes the elegance of living an enriched life guided by the Divine within us and beyond us - guided by our soul, our spirit, and by God/Goddess/All That Is. Despite all that triumph can be and do, we fall short of its artistry and we have resistances to it: Lack of Understanding/Knowing; Negative Ego's Prattle; Distorted Perspective; and Jealousy/Envy of Others.

    This fascinating discussion explores the unique qualities of triumph and our resistance to it. Then Lazaris unfolds specific ways to respond to the resistance and outlines several new techniques to both develop the craft and to become the artist of creating and manifesting triumph in our lives.

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