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  • A Special Moment with Lazaris: Four Keys to Sustaining Success and Happiness

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    Four Keys to Sustaining Success and Happiness (from Personal Interludes, Los Angeles, February, 2007): For those who have participated, the Personal Interludes with Lazaris workshops are like three-day-long private consultations. As individuals ask their personal questions, Lazaris responds in a way that speaks to each of us. During the February Personal Interludes, Laura asked a question about sustaining the happiness and the success that she has magically created in her life. Lazaris responded, speaking to her; he touched the hearts and souls of everyone there. Truly it was A Special Moment with Lazaris.

    Lazaris laid out four specific keys to sustaining our creations that are also keys to creating and maintaining richness and beauty in our lives. In many ways, these four keys can be cornerstone to living well and to living long. They can be keys for grandly living and loving life. Because so many have asked, with Laura’s permission, we share this special moment with you.

    (Approximately 70 minutes; no meditation)

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    Keywords: Happiness; Success; Image; Success Cube; Future Self

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