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  • Winning the Manifestation Game

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    Winning is an alchemy of resonance and attitude, and we can develop the qualities that make us a winner who always wins. Lazaris explores the Four Key Energies-- the energies of fulfillment, value, trust, and power. Then he teaches us about the Three Key Actions of Winning and includes several techniques: The Portal of the Futuretechnique (and its relationship to the chakras), breathing and touch techniques for accessing instant power, and working with the Subconscious Mind and magic words as techniques for accessing the permission to succeed. He includes a discussion of positive ambition -- and of destiny as the alchemical synergy of focus, image, and identity. With a powerful meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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    Meditation: Winning the Manifestation Game

    Keywords: four key energies, value, trust, destiny, bubble of light

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