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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Manifesting : The Secrets of Manifesting What You Want, Part I (audio)
  • The Secrets of Manifesting What You Want, Part I (audio)

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    This is an irreplaceable recording for understanding how we manifest -- the journey of our thought from the Physical Plane to the Causal Plane, where "cause and effect" are linked to become physical reality. Lazaris talks about the power of belief in creating our experience and describes a "Room of Belief" meditation we can do to change beliefs that prevent our manifesting what we want. He includes several powerful techniques, including Multiple-Time Programming, Multiple-Space Programming and Multiple-Force Programming, as well as the incredibly powerful 33-Second Technique. Also included is a definitive explanation of the workings of the Raw Materials of Reality Creation and the tools that sculpt it. With a powerful Causal Plane Meditation that Lazaris guides. 2 hours.

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    Meditation: Causal Plane Meditation

    Keywords: Programming, Room of Beliefs Meditation, Causal Plane Meditation, 33-Second Technique, Raw Materials of Reality Creation

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