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  • The Pillar of Light Meditation

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    An intricate, 45-minute guided meditation that is so powerful it is done no more frequently than once every two weeks. Lazaris creates a Pillar of Light from five spheres of brilliant white light, each containing a magical symbol -- double-tetrahedron, pentagram, spiral, crescent, and circle -- and generating a sound tone. With one of these spheres we can open gateways to the Imaginal Realm; we can open gateways to the mystical beyond. There our programming becomes unbelievably powerful, and our results can be transcendent. From it all, we can let more love into our lives and we can allow the universe -- our Higher Self, our Soul, and God/Goddess/All That Is -- to "take care of the details." As with all the meditations and techniques in this series, it creates a resonance in which all kinds of love are more possible. From the weekend seminar Seven Rituals To Create More Love in Your Life. (90 minutes) Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #1

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    Meditation: Pillar of Light Meditation

    Keywords: Pillar of Light, Imaginal Realm, Double-Tetrahedron, Pentagram (5-pointed Star), Elements, Spiral, Crescent, Circle, Mystical Choice, Love, Sound Technique

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