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  • Mists of Manifestation

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    Three of the most powerful manifesting techniques ever are described on this recording: the 33-Second Technique, the Sphere of Light Technique, and the Mists of Manifestation Technique. Lazaris begins with a discussion of the crucial energy of expectation and its effect on manifestation, and of the power and importance of the Generating and Sustaining Energies in creating reality. Then he presents the processes for the 33-Second Technique and the Sphere of Light Technique, and culminates with a description and guided meditation of The Mists of Manifestation (1 hour).

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Mists of Manifestation Meditation

    Keywords: 33-Second Technique, Mists of Manifestation Technique, The Sphere of Light Technique, Expectation, Miracles, Intimacy, Intensity of Feeling, Sustaining Energies, Generating Energies, Gratitude

    Price: $14.95

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