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  • High Magic: The Ritual of Receiving

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    An intricate and enchanting dance to receive the energy of receiving itself -- to magically create the resonance of receiving. The seven-step Resonance of Receiving Meditation begins with unearthing and releasing our fears around receiving, making a magical paper and creating a magical sigel, engaging an animal spirit, and finding something of which to make an offering. Then we make a bundle, engage our four upper chakras, and culminate with a meditation to open us to receiving. It is a fascinating, engrossing ritual done over several days, and the meditation leaves us with a whole new concept of what receiving is and can be. This ritual can be used in combination with any other meditations in The Accelerated Journey Series (especially The Evening Tape). (1 hour)

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    Meditation: The Resonance of Receiving Ritual Meditation

    Keywords: Phase 3, Resonance, Receiving, Fear of Receiving, Fear of Loss, Sigel, Magic Paper, Bundle Technique, Spirit Animal

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