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  • Creating Optimal Futures

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    This is an immensely powerful technique, first discussed in Lazaris' seminars on The Sirius Connection. Since the future creates the present, every future has impact now. Consciously creating a powerful, positive, joyous future of success can have immense impact on our current reality. In this tape, Lazaris outlines an intricate and enchanting process in which you literally create a magnificent future that has very specific qualities – a future which may not manifest for years, but which can change the reality now. By doing so, the Radiance of Resonance – that wedge of reality which is possible for you – perception moves over into a significantly more positive range. Lazaris culminates with a blending that is a magical ritual to encounter the seven qualities of an Optimal Future. Also see Standing on the Verge: Elegant Visions Creating Magical Successes and New Maps to More Elegant Futures. Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #12

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    Meditation: Optimal Future Blending

    Keywords: Optimal Futures, Resonance, Love, Radiance of Resonance

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