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  • Bountiful Creation: Abundant Success and Beyond

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    Lazaris welcomes us as we gather to love together, as we gather to lift a light in order to learn of abundant success, and then to lift that light beyond. Bountiful creation offers us an avenue - a new avenue beyond necessity and chance - for creativity and creation. Along this avenue of bountiful creation, we can work magic as never before and we can live a rich and full life as it has never been lived before as well. To this end, Lazaris details the step-by-step process to work the magic of bountiful creation: Understanding Bounty, Understanding Abundance, and entering the Domain of Abundance. Then we work with crafting and tempering our specific desires and needs as the process continues: Entering the Domain of Mystery, Understanding Essence, and Bountifully Creating. After a powerful and beautifully esoteric meditation, Lazaris concluded the evening by discussing techniques. It is an inventive and innovative evening where we explore a specific process, and we also contemplate founding - not finding something that is already there but just hiding - but founding an entirely new avenue along which creativity and creation can flow. It is an exciting discussion fraught with limitless possibilities and potentials and alive with expansive opportunities. Powerful meditation included.

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    Meditation: Domain of Mystery, Understanding Essence, and Bountifully Creating

    Keywords: Touching/Being Touched by Essence, Abundance

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