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  • A More Powerful Causal Plane

    Product #6005


    More Powerful Causal Plane Diagram

    The Causal Plane: the state of resonance at which causes and effects are linked together before manifestation. It is almost axiomatic that if you can program from the Causal Plane, your manifestation is halfway home already. On this tape, Lazaris creates for us an intriguing understanding of the structure of the Physical Realm (the Physical, Astral, Causal and Mental Planes) and what the Causal Plane holds for us. Then he describes the Causal Plane process for manifestation: how to work with the infinity symbol and its eight steps to manifestation. The meditation itself is a succinct visualization for solidly reaching the Causal Plane. (1 hour)

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Causal Plane Meditation

    Keywords: Causal Plane, Ghostly Insight, Phenomenon of Absorption, Underworld, Mid-life Crisis, Unconscious Mind, Astral Plane, Causal Plane, Mental Plane, Physical Plane, Infinity Symbol, Child, Adolescent

    Price: $14.95

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