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Shop : By Year : 2016 Year of Co-Creation : 9191 Reawakening the Merlin-Arthur Legacy
  • Legacy PPV Reawakening the Merlin-Arthur Legacy: Reviewing the Foundations, (One Day)

    Product #9191

    9191 Reawakening the Merlin-Arthur Legacy
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Merlin-Arthur, Knights of the Round, Ladies of the Round, Legacy

    Price: $125.00


    Lazaris has designed this One-Day Workshop to review the foundations of the Merlin-Arthur Legacy for those of us who are new to the telling of the tale and to the timeless magic woven into the Legacy. This workshop is also available to those among us who are familiar to well-versed in the tale and who have worked a little or a lot with its mystery and magic. Welcome to a day to explore the Procession of the Knights, the Progression of the Knights of the Round, and to unfold the Vortices and the Eternal Truths of this timeless love story. In the mix of its magic, we will work Ritual Magic: Entreating the Lady of the Lake, Engaging Our Personal Knight of the Round, and Standing the Round with Merlin. Welcome to a magical day to review a legacy and to also open the portal of Co-creation Magic. Welcome.

    Download a printable PDF version of Knights of the Round.

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