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Shop : By Year : 2021 Releases : A Lazaris Blending, A Time to Touch: Crossing Your Bridge
  • A Lazaris Blending, A Time to Touch: Crossing Your Bridge

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    Welcome to the new. Welcome to the uncharted. Welcome to who you are, and to who you are becoming.  ~ Lazaris

    In this beautiful Time to Touch blending, you find yourself at a bridge that is not unlike the Bridge of Belief Lazaris has so often spoken of. As you make the choice to cross the bridge, you can let go of what you are carrying that needs to be released: Old disguises, ego encumbrances, patterns of the Lesser … pain. What is it you need to forgive and release? As you cross the bridge, shed what you cannot take with you into your future. At the pinnacle of the bridge: So much beauty on the expansive horizon. And waiting on the other side of the bridge: your Higher Self, Soul and so many Unseen Friends who wait for you with their breathtaking love. It’s time to leave the energies and forces of the past behind. A new future waits. ~ Lazaris

    Music Credits:        

    As Time Goes By, Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 11 [CD]

    Song of Confidence, Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 12 [CD] 

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    Keywords: Pinnacle, Bridge, Lessor

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