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Shop : By Year : 2015 Year of Remembering : The Spinning Night Mirror (audio)
  • The Spinning Night Mirror (audio)

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    From: The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry

    Who are we, really? So often, it is difficult to see our own beauty as we focus on what we perceive as our flaws. In this mystical meditation, with the help of Lazaris and our Higher Selves and Souls, we let go of who and what we are not, and, in the unknown, spin the night mirror, and in its reflection, see what is real: Our beauty, and the light of our being. As we enter Cosmic Memory, we experience the deep love of our ancestry -- those grandmothers and grandfathers of our tradition who know who we really are -- and receive bountiful gifts from them. We are forged anew in this transformative meditation, and can be forever changed.

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    Meditation: The Spinning Night Mirror

    Keywords: Bali, Cosmic Memory, Identity, ancestry, tradition

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