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Shop : By Year : 2012 Year of Enchantment : 9117 Infusing Love and Light in DC 2012
  • Legacy PPV Conjuring Magic and Infusing Love and Light in the Nation's Capital, Congress of Miracle Workers ~ Washington, D.C., May 2012

    Product #9117

    9117 Infusing Love and Light in DC 2012
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Washington, D.C., Enchantment, Joy, Magic

    Price: $325.00


    Your love has a fierce majesty that cannot be matched, and your caring has a tenacious magnificence that cannot be contained. You stand out among all the human races. You stand out with your incredible and phenomenal capacity to love. ~ Lazaris

    Come, join the celebration and share the enchantment of an astounding week in Washington, D.C. To say it was life-changing is an understatement. Experience this week of hope, this week of understanding, this week of wonder, joy, and magic.

    This PPV includes the Tuesday evening event, Gathering of Magicians: Lighting the Fires: Awakening Enchantment. Magicians gathered as Lazaris created a crystal grid and charged/encoded pouches of tumbled stones that included a talisman that Lazaris had designed. This talisman and the stones would be strewn throughout the city over the next several days. They participated in a powerful meditation to ignite the fires and awaken enchantment. They were ready for the mystical journey that lay ahead.

    Each of Four Mornings the magicians gathered with Lazaris to talk of their experiences, to share their wonder, their joy, and their magic. Each of these mornings concluded with a beautiful meditation: Opening the Eyes of Your Heart; Awakening Truth; Unlocking the Beauty of Greater Understanding; and Becoming One: Sharing with the World. Then everyone was off to explore -- monuments, memorials, museums, and cathedrals/churches -- or to just walk the streets, touching the resonance of the neighborhoods. The magic of these days was both individual and communal -- inner worldly, outer worldly, other worldly.

    Thursday Early Morning: 73 magicians -- miracle workers -- boarded a bus at 6:30 a.m. The day was full: a White House Tour, a Capitol Tour, and Magic in the Senate Gallery. A stunning day highlighted with two Lazaris Meditations. One was in Lafayette Park at the White House (not included in the PPV event); the other was in the shade of a tree on the Capitol Lawn (part of the PPV event). As several magicians said, "This day was a 'game changer'."

    You are invited to join Lazaris and a Congress of Miracle Workers -- a Gathering and Congress of 73 fellow magicians -- to conjure magic and for infusing love and light in the nation's Capital and throughout the city of Washington, D.C. Now you can share the exploration. You can participate in the discussions and meditations. You can be touched by the magic. You can also share the magic with the world. Welcome.


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