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Shop : By Year : 2008 Year of Freedom : A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians (Friday Morning Excerpts)
  • A Bountiful Feast of Magic: A Union of Human and Faerie Magicians (Friday Morning Excerpts)

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    It began on a Thursday evening in Maui with a sweeping discussion of the sameness and difference between human and faerie magicians and an initial meditation to enter the faerie realm to meet our faerie friend and guide. This particular excerpt (which did not include a meditation) comes from the Friday morning discussion from that special intensive -- the "morning after" -- as we took our first steps of this excursion. Lazaris offers a concise review and a delightful exploration of the misperceptions about faeries and their realm: the rigors of chauvinism; the constraints of our acceptable standards; our personal distortions and hidden agendas; and our misconceptions in the form of fantasies, projections, and preposterous delusions. This is a touching and beautiful discussion that offers a wonderful reminder for those who were there and for those who participated in the PPV of that intensive. It offers intriguing insights for those who were not present. (Time: 49 minutes)

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    Keywords: Nature Spirits, Faerie, Other, Chauvenism, Maui,

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