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Shop : By Year : 2004 Year of Union : Intimacy That Works: Union, Co-Union, Communion
  • Intimacy That Works: Union, Co-Union, Communion

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    Intimacy: We all know the words, and we are all aware of our personal list of “why not.” Lazaris guides us past what we already know of intimacy into the realm of its mystery, and thus into its power and magic. During this enchanting recording, Lazaris explores how to build intimacy: (1) Lay a foundation by balancing our Light & Substance. (2) Build a structural armature that begins by exposing ourselves to our own secrets and ends with the reminder to stop testing and to start loving and caring. (3) Move past the four Sentinels of Fear (Exposure, Perception, Paradox, and Magic). And (4) activate the map by generating Union: a Wholeness; Co-Union: sharing ourselves with another; and then Communion: experiencing an enchanting moment in which to “make - to create and manifest - love.” There is a stunning meditation included in which we journey beyond and find the magic of intimacy ... of intimacy that works.

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    Meditation: Union, Co-Union, Communion

    Keywords: intimacy; union; co-union; communion; wholeness, sentinels, paradox

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