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Shop : Workshops : Live Events : 9368 Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures
  • Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures recorded Livestream Event from August 1, 2021

    Product #9368

    9368 Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures
    45 Day Access

    Price: $150.00


    As you find new ways to perceive the world, you can begin to perceive new worlds. More than perceiving reality differently, you can begin to perceive different and new realities: realities of new dreams, of deeper love, and of gracious healing.
    With magical keys in hand, you can begin to put yourself together again anew and you can realize brilliant futures of magic and miracles and of goodness, truth, and beauty. ~ Lazaris
    When March 2020 came, the unimaginable and unfathomable happened in shockingly unexpected ways. The world changed and we changed; we became forever different in ways we don’t yet fully understand and in ways we may never understand. Out of the pandemic, seemingly being at war with the world and with humankind, and in the midst of a seemingly crazy world filled with chaos, crises and turbulent civil unrests, our world was torn apart and we were torn apart too.
    We need to put ourselves back together again, but not in the way we once were. The old institutions, the old systems and forms, are crumbling to make room for the new. Our “old systems and forms” are crumbling too. We can’t fit in our old forms. We can’t return to the ways we were nor to who we were. We need to create ourselves new.
    We are the Mapmakers and we need new maps. We need new ways to perceive our reality and our world so that we and our world can be new. During this Livestream event, Lazaris offers us secrets and keys so that we can create our maps as well as unlock futures that we can welcome and embrace, worthy futures that we, as masterful mapmaking magicians deserve, futures that are brilliant. Splendid.
    Keys (Lights Lost in the Labyrinths), one of two Rituals (In the House of a Thousand Dreams or Healing of a Thousand Voices), and the Presence and Grace of the magicians gathering with Lazaris all work together to create the wonders of magic. This is an opportunity like no other: A convergence of magicians from all parts of the world and a confluence of all sorts of magics. Welcome, we hope you can join in this gathering with Lazaris.



    The event will begin at 10 AM Pacific Time on Sunday, August 1st and run until approximately 1:30 PM Pacific Time. The cost is $150.

    For those of you attending the Livestream on August 1st, after you participate in the Livestream, you will be able to view the event for 30 days beginning August 3rd. Please note that it may be later in the day on the 3rd since the rebroadcast will begin 24 hours after the livestream ends.

    For those of you who cannot make the scheduled Livestream time, you can still buy a ticket now and begin watching on August 3rd. You will also have 30 days to view the event.

    Tickets for the rebroadcast of the Livestream will be on sale through August 16th and you will have 30 days from purchase to repeat the experience as often as you like.


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