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  • Legacy PPV Walking between Worlds: Human and Faerie Magicians Working Magic as One ~ The Lake District, England - Week 1, June 2011

    Product #9096

    9096 Walking Between Worlds Week 1
    46 Day Access

    Price: $325.00


    **Note: Lazaris and Jach created a Talisman especially to work with the magic of this event, and you can purchase it here."**

    It is in the Between of Worlds that Masterful Magicians can become Artisans. ~ Lazaris

    The Lake District Events were our first ever held overseas. They were inspiring, touching, mystical, mesmerizing, life-changing, and unforgettable. This PPV of Week 1, is an adventure into not just one world, but two: the magical domains of England's Lake District, and of the Nature Spirits and Faeries. From the wonder, mystery, and magic of "between worlds" we will explore our resistance and impedance to changing, and we will also step beyond the Veils Between Worlds. From these pinnacles, we can initiate changes -- profound, monumental, deep changes.

    Our Higher Selves and Souls have been waiting for us to allow and to receive. This PPV can help us set into motion those personal desires and changes we have been longing for. From the evening meditations in the garden to the illuminated discussions and Magic Times, this seminar with Lazaris is both a landmark on our journey and a touchstone in our communion with magicians across the realms.


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