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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

The Sirius Connection, Part 1

Monday, May 09, 2016

Blog: The Sirius Connection, Part 1

By Lazaris

The Sirius Connection: What It Can Mean in Your Daily Life, Part 1

All right ... You're all here! ... {laughter} ... All right ... Well, well, well. Oh, my, my! ... {laughter} ... Yes!

How many times you have heard us say it. ... It is a pleasure to be here. It always is a pleasure. And it is a joy. Yes, to be with you and to work with you is joy that keeps growing and that keeps expanding. How many times you've heard us say it! And each time we feel it more deeply. We love you.

Yes, of course, we love all of humanity in its way, and in ours. Yes, we love the consciousness that you are -- the spark and the light that grows ever more intense inside of you. Certainly we love the more real Self that you are just beginning to know. Also we love you -- the Mapmaker, the Dreamer or Dream Weaver, the Vision Maker, and the Reality Creator that you are. But we also love you ... just the way you are.

Your growth is enchanting. Your changes are at times amusing ... {laughter} ... at other times profound. But even if you didn't do that growth stuff -- even if you were not responding to the hunger and thirst of spirituality -- we would love you. We love you just the way you are, with all your foibles and all your wonders all wrapped up together.

We love you. Sometimes it is hard for some of you to hear. You want to discount and deny it. You will let us love you as humanity, and you'll let us love you as consciousness. You will let us love the more real you, but it is hard to let us love the you that you are now. Even so, it is that you that we love as well. And we do know you. ...{laughter} ... and with all that we know, we love you so. You matter to us so deeply, so dearly. You are important to us.

And it is with that love, with all of its maturations, with all of its faces, that we do welcome you today. And we also invite you today to come with us as we explore The Sirius Connection, more specifically your Sirius Connection, and what it can mean in your daily life.

History Has Ended... Practice is Over

History has ended. No, not the academic discipline, but the control of the past has ended. The Sirius Vortex -- the Vortex of the Goddess -- has opened. It has opened like it has not opened in over 90,000 years. With its opening, you now have all the information and all the light necessary to evolve the human species, to trigger the metamorphosis of the human species. And even more, you have all you need to create a new world (not just a new order to an old world, but a new world) in which a new kind of human being can participate and thrive. Yes, the Vortex has opened wide and full. And everything is different now.

Practice is over. Now everything counts, everything matters. All your thoughts, all your feelings matter like they never have before. You cannot practice your metaphysics and your spirituality anymore. Now it is time to live it. Everything is different now.

What does it mean, day in and day out? What does it mean in the nuts and bolts of your reality? Part of what it means is that you can no longer play patty-cake with your martyr or hop-scotch with your negative ego. You can no longer play the flirtatious game of maybe I'll give you up and maybe I won't. Your negative ego and the dark sides of self are playing for keeps now. They are hitting, and they are hitting hard. Those aspects of self can cheat. Your martyr, your self-pity, and your negative ego do not always follow the rules. Though reality is an illusion, it is a very serious illusion that suddenly became more serious.

You cannot play. Many of you hear that and think, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." And then you find out ... "Oh, it's really true" ... because you can get hit, and you can get hit hard.

In the seminar on Ecstasy we talked of the entanglements, the problems, the crises, and even the tragedies that are current in your reality. Because practice is over, whatever your personal entanglements, problems, crises, even tragedies may be, now they matter more, now they count more. They cannot be left on the back burner. Your entanglements, projections, games, problems, crises, and tragedies can -- not will absolutely -- but can become more intense. We say these things not to scare you, but to alert you.

As the past relinquishes its control, the influence of the future expands. However there is a pipeline of futures that you may not even realize you have. Through the years, you may have inadvertently created -- or in a rather willy-nilly way may have created -- a full range of futures of which you are not currently aware. Some of those futures could be quite dark -- could be extremely dark.

Futures, light or dark, are created by your thoughts and your feelings. They are created by your attention and by your intention, which, respectively, manifest and order your reality. Some of those futures that your thoughts, feelings, attentions and intentions created long ago might otherwise lie dormant. They might never have become manifest in the three dimensions of space and one of time that you call your reality. Now, because practice is over and history has ended, those otherwise dormant futures, those potentially light futures, could manifest with tremendous impact. And those otherwise dormant futures, those potentially dark futures, could manifest with devastating impact. Devastating impact on you.

The growth that you have been meaning to get to when you have time and the growth that you have been consciously or unconsciously procrastinating can come up and slap you right in the face, right in the reality, very hard. Responsibilities you ignored, or erroneously thought you didn't have to take or could just dismiss, can come up and haunt you. It can be pretty frightening that practice is over.

But it also can be incredibly, incredibly beautiful. Past has ended and Practice is over can mean you can be totally free from that personal past. It can be a genuine freedom. It can mean that you have to and that you can stop playing the games: Get off the game board or dance floor with your negative ego. Stop the game or the dance with your martyr. It is over. It is done. An ended Past and a concluded Practice can mean that you can get to the root of those entanglements, and you can undo them in the future before they fully manifest, before they become more intense.

You see, maybe you have not allowed yourself to really change the past. Many of you believe that you can work with the past, that you can compensate for it, or that you can even overcome your past. However, change it? Certainly you can, but so many of you do not believe that you can. It's not allowed in your belief system. After all, you convince yourself, the past has already happened. It is a matter of record, right? Work, compensate, overcome, but you cannot change it. Regardless of rhetoric, most believe they cannot change the past, not really.

But you do believe you can change the future. Therefore, the entanglements, problems, crises, and tragedies already in progress are things you can intercept and change.

Yet when you change the future, you change the present. It has always been true: The future creates the present and lays it against the backdrop of the past. Now it is becoming truer than it has ever been. When you change the future, you change the present: Your entanglements can change. Sometimes they can change right before your very eyes.

You can play catch-up now -- not by working extra hard, not by burning the candle at both ends, but by changing the future. By owning a current painful or fearful reality, you can scan the future to see where the current pain or the current fear could lead. In other words, you can discover the future that is creating the present -- the future that is creating the current pain or the current fear. Once discovered, you can work with specific and precise technique to disconnect the dark future. Then you can use this disconnected power to actually and literally create a different future -- to create a brilliant future -- that can create a different present. Yes, as incredible as it may sound to some of you, the current reality of pain or fear can change. It can dramatically change. What used to be considered a fanciful experience can now work in ways that can startle you, that can amaze you. Everything is different now.

You can empty the pipeline. You can clear out discordant realities and fill that pipeline with unbelievably positive, powerful, beautiful futures. You can create what we call Optimal Futures -- futures that may not in any logic be able to manifest for decades to come, but from which you can benefit now.

Those of you in your thirties can create the future of what it's going to be like when you're eighty. What kind of world are you going to have when you're eighty? What kind of peace? What kind of spiritual awareness? What kind of wisdom? What kind of physical well-being are you going to have at eighty? And even though it may be half a century before you are there, that future that you create can alter your health now. It can alter choice and decision before you even know that choice and decision are connected to that future. You can create Optimal Futures that will not be yours for decades, but which will alter your decisions and choices, your thoughts and feelings today. Those Optimal Futures can create current success and present day happiness. Yes they can.

The Evolution of the Human Species

When we talk of an evolution of the human species, we are not talking figuratively. We are talking very, very literally. Just as you have a prehensile thumb, just as you stand erect (which was a process not of linear evolution, but of exponential or consciously designed evolution), there is change occurring in your very physiology, in your very brain, and in the very function and the very shape of certain portions of that brain. There is an evolution, very literally an evolution taking place, and there is the positive future that will prevail for everyone who's willing to step into it, back into it, fall into it, or end up in it by default. ... {laughter} ... It just won't be there for those who intentionally choose not to be there, and that is their choice.

And there is a new world. You see, as we've said for so long, there really is no solution to the problems, so many of them, that you have in your linear world. So you'd better create a new world -- not by scrapping the one you're in, and not by fixing it, but by changing it. Though indeed much of what you do may look like the dance called fixing it, in fact, that dance will be creating the resonance, the space, of change. So often we have said it: It is not about fixing; it is about changing. That truth has suddenly become more true.

This human evolution, this evolution of the human species itself, is more correctly a metamorphosis. It involves the emergence of a new kind of human being. This change is essential to create a new world. Your brain is a hologram that projects holographic images of body and of world. In order to project a new world, you need an evolved cranial hologram. That is what this evolution, this metamorphosis, is about. The new kind of human being will have a new kind of brain that can literally sense the new world. We mean it very literally when we talk of Virgin Futures, of positive futures of dreams, of an evolving human species. We mean it more literally than you currently can believe -- than you can currently imagine.

Now That the Vortex is Open...

But what specifically can you anticipate because of your Sirius Connection and because of the opening of the Vortex? What can you expect, quite literally?


First of all, when the Vortex opened wide and full, when your entire Universe was flooded with all the information and light, and it was also flooded with an energy of acceleration. As a result, intention becomes much more powerful now. Intention is what orders and prioritizes your reality. It is what orders and prioritizes your consciousness. You have conscious awareness. Some of it you call memory. Some of it you call fantasy. Some of it you call hard knocks reality. And there are varying degrees of consciousness about all kinds of things in this patchwork reality that is your current life, and that also bleeds through into the holographic impact of all the lifetimes that are yours.

You see, you tend to say this life you are current experiencing is your lifetime. More correctly, all your lifetimes are part of your Fabric of Being. The current lifetime is the portion of that Fabric that you are experiencing now. But it is all happening, and it is all part of your consciousness. And it is your intention that gives order to the otherwise chaotic, fragmented pieces of your consciousness. It is what arranges the pieces. It is estimated by your scientists that you have 50,000 thoughts a day. 50,000 thoughts. Write them down. ... {laughter} ... The first 20,000 are I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. ... {laughter} ... You have 50,000 thoughts a day, and each of those thoughts has a feeling connected to it. But it is your intention that sorts and orders them, connects this one and that one and this one and that one. Intention gives order to the chaos, and creates what you later will call logic and reason. So many dismiss intention. Only when it become their personal logic and reason does it become absolute.

Intent is increasing now. Due to the influx of energy, intent is becoming more and more powerful. However, that increase is non-linear. Intent is stretching higher, but it is also sinking lower. This means that instinct, which is at the core of your intent, will either degenerate into primal biology and chemistry - - into more animal-like nature -- or it will elevate into personal character and spiritual character that will supersede and override the seemingly unconscious chemical, biological, animal response that is in you. It will descend, or it will rise to respond instinctively to a more Real Self -- to respond more to who you are becoming than to who you have been.

It also means that your needs will either degenerate or rise. Your needs -which are for survival, security, a sense of belonging, self-esteem, creating and producing, knowing, and aesthetics (your very spirituality) -- all are part of your intent. You will find people more and more focused on the base needs of survival and security: Me, mine, what I need, what I've got, taking care of my own, taking care of myself.

In your world, with the amount of disease that is airborne, with the amount of disease that is non-responsive to the allopathic traditions, in many ways it becomes frightening to go out there into the world. And many people will retreat into their survival mode, into their security mode. Their needs will reach toward the low end as opposed to lifting to the higher end. Yet, it is also true: Because intent is so much more intense, many of you are going to find that your needs have been met, and that you can stretch even higher by turning your intention to your preferences. Your intention is so much more acute, so much more powerful now, that it is altering your instinct, it is altering your needs.

It is altering, thirdly, your drives. In some people drives such as genetic/hormonal drives, social drives, negative ego drives, and personality drives, will descend into obsession. On the dark side, you will see people in your world approaching things from a more manic/depressive-like energy. You will see greater frenzy and an increase in what seems to be an almost insane focus: obsession.

However, on the light and lighter side, these and other drives will move toward integration. There will be a drive toward grace, toward elegance, toward embracing a certain panache and aplomb. You will see intention turn into manifestation without a whole lot of work going on in between.

The fourth component of intention is desire. Desire became part of your intention when choice became part of the complexity of your life. Desire complicates things at times. Nonetheless it is part of your intention. Now, with the Vortex opening, desire can ebb at its lower levels: greed, self-centeredness, self-absorption, and self-obsession. Sadly, you will see the ebb of desire in the lost eyes and the empty countenance of so many. You will see it and feel it in the whatever attitude adopted by so many. (Whatever attitude: nothing matters, nothing is more important than anything else ... whatever).

Even so, you will also notice the flow of desire as well: A new and refreshing flow of desire that has not yet been imprisoned by consensus words and definitions will break the surface of reality. This flow with no name or description, this effervescent desire, can lift and change people. It can ignite a passion for life and for living. Yes, it can.

Because intention has become so much more acute and so much more powerful, instinct, need, drive, and desire -- whenever and wherever they are focused now - - will intensify. If they are headed in the downward direction, they will plummet. And you will look and say, Wow, this is the Goddess? No. This is what comes when the Vortex opens? No. This is what happens when more acute and more powerful intention plummets to the depths of darkness or when it is allowed to follow the descent of entropy.

Be conscious. By being conscious you can reverse the descent. You can lift your instinct up into a strength of character with intuition; you can lift base needs higher, and needs met to the wondrous level of preference. Drives can be consciously directed to reach heights of grace and elegance. Desire can wax to its heights where you desire for yourself, but also for something beyond you, something bigger than you.


What other changes? You will experience an increase in the importance and in the impact of attention.

Now attention is what defines and thus determines what is conscious in your consciousness. Attention defines what you manifest in your illusion. So often we've said this: What you pay attention to is what you create. If you spend your days feeling sorry for yourself, and spend one hour releasing self-pity, don't be surprised if you have self-pity in your life. But I did the meditation. I did it three times. I listened to the tape, and I took real good notes. Yes, and that's valuable, certainly so. And probably you were not feeling sorry for yourself in the midst of your processing and programming. But if you go right back into self-pity as soon as you put down your pen and paper, then your attention is on self-pity. And what you pay attention to is what selects the reality that is conscious to you.

You see, it's all out there: Everything from the very worst future to the very best -- everything from instant death to longevity -- is available to you. Where you put your attention is what determines what becomes conscious and what happens in your reality. Attention -- with its intricacy of thinking, feeling, imagining, and expecting -- is unbelievably more acute, more intense, and more powerful since the 23rd of April.

People who are locked into downward spiral thinking -- it's going to be bad, it's going to be terrible, the end times are coming -- are going to select, among the possibilities, the realities that look more and more like nightmares and mediocrity. Those who hold their feelings in the negative range, refusing to lift and change their attention, will select those realities that most reflect and most motivate negative feelings. What you pay attention to becomes more important than ever.

Likewise, what you imagine and what you expect are more important than ever. That's why we talked this year of expectation, its mystery and magic and the importance not just of pumping it up, but of giving it substance that has genuine height and width and depth. What you expect, with little or no other technique attached, with very little other thought, is going to more quickly start manifesting in your reality.

Well, gee, I just kind of gave it a . . .whhhhht! . . . And there it was! ... {laughter} ... Attention is now like a dull knife that suddenly became sharp.

For example, when you are thinking and feeling about something in your past, you can shift your attention, and you can be done with it. The only caveat is: Make sure that you have removed the gifts and treasures from that past. Make sure that you have taken back the power that you have hidden there. That's why we have talked so much about taking back the power that you lost in the unfinished pieces of the past. You see, even though the past is over, even though its control is released, because you pay attention to it, because you think it, because you feel it, because you expect it, because you imagine it, you keep living it. You keep it alive with your attention and with your intention.

So why don't you just forget it? What a wonderful therapeutic technique that is: Just forget it. ... {laughter} ... You know, before I remembered it, I did forget it! Right? ... {laughter} ... I didn't have any recall. I was better off.

No, you were not. Why not? Because there were treasures and gifts inside that past. Because there were things that you needed to learn in that past. Therefore, you would not let it go. And just not thinking of it wasn't enough. It was there in the unexpressed or the non-actualized feelings in the Unconscious Mind. Then you brought it from the Unconscious to the Conscious when you were strong enough, when you were capable of handling it.

And who brought it? Your Soul. Well, thanks a whole heap. ... {laughter} ... Exactly. Because your Soul knows: You have got to deal with this. You've got to deal with the pain. You've got to deal with the shame. You cannot just shove it into the Unconscious, because you are still thinking it, and you're still feeling, you just are not admitting it. And you are still expecting it even though you are not fully conscious of it.

Why? Because you put it in your Unconscious. The expectation is still there, and you are still imagining it even though it's not conscious. Perhaps you have dreams of being suffocated, of being hurt, of being somehow violated. Maybe you have fantasies, you have fears when someone gets too close to you.

You see, you are still imagining, you are still expecting, you are still thinking, you are still feeling. The attention is still there, but it's in the Unconscious. When you are ready, your Soul brings it into your consciousness. Then you need to pay attention to it so you can process it, so you can understand it, so you can sort it out and lift your attention -- which has held it in place -- so that you can learn the lessons that you need to learn, that you chose, that you decided. No, you did not choose to have that tragedy, that horror in your life, but you chose to learn the lesson that the tragedy or the horror represents. That was your intent. That was why you linked those pieces of consciousness together: to meet some instinct, some need, some drive, some desire. And you gave it attention to keep it in your reality. If you will learn the lessons, you can release it.

Many of you have learned so much. Maybe you have learned enough of that lesson. Why won't it go away? Because you haven't extracted the gifts, you haven't extracted the treasures.

Maybe you have. Maybe you honestly have extracted all the gifts and treasures and have learned all the lessons from the created reality. Then the question arises, What more could there possibly be here? When you are right, when there is nothing more to be gleaned or to be learned, you ask, Why won't it go away?

Your attention. Drop it from your attention and it will cease. It will.

You mean I can ... Yes. Don't I have to process it some more? ... {laughter} ... Isn't there some technique?

... Yes, choose. ... {laughter} ... Just drop it.

OK. I want to make sure it went away. ... {laughter} ...

You're paying attention. That's why it's following you. ... {laughter} ...

It's still following me. ... {laughter} ...

OK, I won't pay attention, I won't pay attention to the shame and the hurt and the molestation I had as a child. I won't pay attention. ... {laughter}

... Pink elephants, right? ... {laughter} ...

Please understand: Because the Vortex opened -- because intention and attention are more intense, because everything's different now -- you can drop the past. If you have taken the treasures and gifts, if you've taken back the power that was left there, then you can drop the attention and be done with it. And you can turn your attention to other thoughts and other feelings, other expectations, other imaginings, and it will be different. It will be different.

Resonant & Impact Causation

Ultimately all causation is resonant causation. There's only a sliver of reality that responds to colliding or impact causation. And for the several hundred years, you have chosen -- individually and collectively -- to live within that sliver to make it appear as though causation is only mechanical (Newtonian Physics) and that it is a linear process of collision, conflict, conquering. You have wanted to hold causation as mechanical and as a linear process called cause and effect. You've chosen to make appear as if causation is a comparative and competitive process of the survival of the strongest, the fittest, the most intimidating, overpowering, and dominating influence.

Now that history has ended and everything is different, resonant causation, which has always been the ultimate causation of everything, becomes more and more intense, more and more evident, more and more visible, while impact causation becomes weaker and weaker and weaker.

Now that's going to make a lot of people really angry. They are not going to like this shift in paradigm, and they are not going to want to accept it. Perhaps the most angry and thus the most resistant will be the male chauvinists, regardless of their gender, who are counting on a system of reductionist logic, a system of linear evolution, a system of conflict, a system of impact, and a system of cause leading to effect. And they are relying on it because that is what the whole system of singular authority and male dominance is based upon: that men are better-than because they can have more collision impact. They can compete and conquer. Men are stronger, they are faster . . . if they're in condition. ... {laughter} ... If they're not in condition, well . . . it's not fair. ... {laughter} ... They're still better-than. Or so you are told, so you are conditioned to believe.

As the paradigm of causation shifts, the chauvinist in you is going to rebel. Therefore, the inner-chauvinist in you is going to show up in your world. You will experience more and more people trying to prove cause and effect is real with impact that is more harsh, more punishing, more filled with conflict and with competition.

You see Korea, Bosnia, Yemen, Los Angeles, Haiti, Africa, places erupting with harsh colliding and destructive impact. People are calling for strong-impact action. Neither are we are suggesting this politics or that, nor that one is right and the other is wrong. Beyond the particular politics, it is clear that you are creating (causing or allowing) a reality where once again we have to use force in this way. It is as though you are trying to reinforce the doctrine: Cause/Effect. Though the range of reasons why is complex, one of those reasons is an attempt to hold the old paradigm together. The current and ongoing increase in violence and dominance is sort of the last throes, if you will, of a dying paradigm. Reality is changing now. Resonant Causation is replacing Mechanical Causation. Resonance is becoming stronger.

Because of Resonance Causation, dreams and dreaming are become more potent, more powerful. You can begin to generate a reality in which you can dream a different world. You can dream people being different. Perhaps it will begin with night dreams and then spread to day dreams, to conscious dreams, to conscious visions, and to meditations. The new dreams can extend to a new kind of intuition, a new kind of gestalt, and to any number of new ways of dreaming.

The Lemurian Dreamer Technique of "it's a dream, it's a dream, it's a dream" is going to work for some of you as it has never quite worked before. Aaaah! ... {laughter} ...

"You mean I can change the reality by touching my finger here and there and saying a few words and then dream what I want and I will get it? It will happen? I don't have to go out there and manipulate? I don't have to go out there and cajole? I don't have to go out there and try to make people feel guilty? I don't have to go out there and whine and cry and beg and ..." {laughter} ... Well, that sounds like anarchy! ... {laughter} ... We can't have people doing that!

Fear can arise . . . What are you dreaming about me? What are you dreaming about me? ... {laughter} ... Don't you dream me different! ... {laughter} ... What if everybody went about dreaming everybody else different? There'd be anarchy!

But it does not stand alone, does it? Intention. Attention. Resonance. They all work together. And your Soul is more involved than ever. Your Soul is not going to let you dream someone robbing a bank so they will get put in jail. ...{laughter} ...

"Well, what if I'm not in touch with my Soul?" Then you are not going to allow Resonant Causation to work as elegantly or as effectively as those who are in touch with their Soul. It is something of a positive catch-22, isn't it? There are some unscrupulous people out there who might want to dream bad dreams for other people, but they do not know anything about their Soul. They can touch and squeeze all they want, and it still will not work for them with any elegance or with any ease. The requisite is: That level of spirituality where you will allow it to work with excellence is the same level of spirituality where you have the spiritual character to hold and use the proper intent, attention, and resonance. You will have the appropriate spiritual character.

Further, it's not so much about dreaming other people different as it is about dreaming yourself different, about dreaming the future and the resonance of that future. It's about shifting your thoughts, shifting your feelings, shifting the attention and intention to create a different resonance that will open you up to a whole new range of futures. As we have said before: Whatever your resonance, there is a unique wedge of possible futures that can survive within that resonance. There are certain dark and light futures, and the higher that resonance is, the less dark the darkness and the brighter the brightness. The lower that resonance is, the darker the darkness and the dimmer the brightness.

If your resonance is low, perhaps the most positive future you can create is Nothing Going Wrong. ... {laughter} ... But not everybody is there. If someone's resonance is higher, then Nothing Going Wrong may be their mid-range, and all kinds of success lies in their top range.

Even illness is a resonance. Therefore, within a certain frequency there are certain diseases that do not exist -- cannot exist. No matter how contagious they might be in another resonance, they do not exist here. We are not saying to step out in front of a bus, because it is not in the radiance of your resonance that you will be hit by a bus. You see, you can tell yourself that you can step out in front of a bus because it's not possible that I'll get run over by a bus, but as soon as you start contemplating it, paying attention to it, your resonance starts to change. And by the time you reach the curb ... laughter} ... you have shifted resonance. Now you step out in front of the bus and you get smashed. And your dying words are, But, but, but ... it was not supposed to be there. Neither were you. ... {laughter} ...

How do you hold and lift resonance? By working with the Seven Cs: Centering, Clarity, Choice, Commitment, Complexity, Challenge, and Creativity.

Commitment is a resonance holder and lifter. The authenticity, the clarity, the courage, the perseverance, the conviction, the coherence, and the acceptance that are inherent in commitment hold resonance. They also lift it.

Complexity is looking for the individuality and the uniqueness of you. And simultaneously, it is blending that uniqueness -- that difference -- with the oneness and the beauty of that oneness. To be separate and autonomous and yet at the same moment be one is complexity.

Challenge, creativity ... With the opening of Sirius, Resonant Causation -- the ultimate causation -- becomes now more visible, more apparent, more powerful.

Spiritual Hunger

On a very personal, very private level, understand that when the Vortex opened, it filled you with the light, and that light is now inside you and everyone else. Therefore, what you're going to notice in your world is everybody is going to be reaching for their spirituality -- not for your spirituality, mind you, but for their spirituality. It is not that others will copy you or will begin doing your spirituality. Nor is it as if everybody is going to start reading spiritual books, meditating, and talking metaphysics. Each will find their own way, and that may involves ways quite different than your own.

... And with the light, with that energy now inside you, people are going to respond to that hunger, perhaps without even knowing why. They are going to respond to a thirst that they perhaps don't even understand.

There are so many ways to respond to this spiritual hunger -- to this spiritual thirst. For example:

1) People will seek human dignity for themselves, for those they love and for those they care about, and for all of humankind. Human dignity is integral to the spiritual quest.

2) They will seek to allow the Unconscious to become Conscious with a certain ease and a certain elegance. The Unconscious Mind has always released information into the Conscious Mind. Too often such release is accompanied by crises of loneliness or pain. The spiritual quest yearns for new ways to allow the emergence of the Unconscious into the Conscious.

3) Further, people will reach for a sense of longevity and immortality. People will give greater attention to things eternal.

4) Additionally, they will search for a deeper sense of goodness and truth.

5) They will yearn for the blossom of desire and expectation -- for the blossom of imagination.

These qualities, these answers can be found in the pursuit of beauty. Clandestinely, they can be found in the depths of violence. Ironic, but true. Those who commit hideously violent acts often talk of human dignity and unconscious truths finally revealed. They often speak of immortality and eternity. They are often convinced their violence has purpose and meaning: to vindicate goodness and truth. Though it seems insane to most, those who commit such violence often feel content: Their desires, though not the ones of their victims, have blossomed. Yes, the spiritual hunger can be answered, for some, in violence. Though the end results and the form are totally different, the function of beauty and the function of violence can be the same.

Beauty or violence. In your world, people will either reach for more beauty, or they will reach for more violence. The Goddess is returning, and the battering of women is increasing. Rape is increasing. How can this contradiction of violence and beauty be? As the true feminine energy emerges, some will embrace it, and some will attack it. Both are trying to answer a hunger and a thirst. This is not to say that violence is OK, nor that one should look the other way. No. But understand: You will have greater violence or greater beauty.

And there are others dichotomies:

Love or pain. We've talked of it before. The way to know someone, truly know someone, is to either love them or to inflict pain upon them. To truly be loved or truly be in pain is the way to know someone or to be known.

Enchantment or crisis. In the depth of crisis there can be incredible growth. At the April Intensive we talked with a woman. Four years ago, she faced her terminal cancer and her terrible home situation. She faced the fact that her whole life had fallen (was not just falling) apart. She faced all this four years ago because that was when her husband, in financial ruin, committed suicide. Massive crisis. Now, many years later, she speaks of it as the most unbelievable time of growth, the most enchanted experience. For in the depth of crisis, some - not everyone, but some -- will answer that hunger, answer that thirst.

Designed solitude or chaotic loneliness. Here again, we do not say it's a good way, but understand that that is why some of you are so unbelievably lonely - not just alone. You are desperately responding to a hunger and a thirst. Solitude, designed solitude, would work more beautifully and more positively.

You are going to see in your world those who understand and seek beauty more consciously and those who seek violence more consciously. Those who seek love, and those who seek pain. Those who seek enchantment, and those who seek crisis. Those who seek solitude, and those who sink into loneliness. The Vortex opened and filled you with all the light and all the information. It also has awakened a hunger, awakened that thirst, more deeply in each of you. And even for those who have no idea what we are talking about, that thirst and hunger is there. Expanding.

You're going to see it in your world. And depending on your intention and your attention and where you slide your resonance, you will see it in your reality. You will see it in your reality.

And so be aware of it and work within yourself, because everybody is going to respond. Your world is going to become much more spiritually aware. Whatever vocabulary, whatever vernacular is used, it's going to be there more and more, everywhere. And you are going to feel a little vindication. ... Um, hmm, hmm. OK, feel it a little bit, and get off it. ... {laughter} ... and just rejoice and keep stretching, responding to your hunger, to your thirst.


Just as the Vortex of the Goddess opened, so each of your vortices -- your Chakras -- has been changed.

Your first chakra of security is now functioning at a different frequency than it used to, and issues of security and the manners and means of creating it -- physically, emotionally, mentally, etherically -- are going to change. Now maybe you have not become aware of it yet, but your Chakras are functioning at a different frequency.

It's almost as if the dial on the resonance of each chakra has been changed, as though the settings on this radionic device that is your body have been recalibrated. Therefore, you can expect to feel changes in each of these arenas -particularly the physical Chakras. You are going to find yourself feeling and thinking and expressing differently. Some of you may, others of you may not, like the sensation. New is not always comfortable. Certain of the re-calibrations may have countered, in a way, certain other more familiar calibrations. Imbalances may occur. Your Chakras are very loose, very fluid right now. Some of them have been locked in and locked down for years. Maybe longer. You know, the old combination lock has not been turned in years ... {laughter} ... rusted. Change is not always comfortable: This is my frequency, and that's it.

Well, the ball bearings have been greased, and what it is going to mean is that you need to be more aware: What is my intent here? What is my attention? What resonance do I want to set?

Now you can be more conscious in adjusting your own Chakras. If you are in a reality where your physical security is being threatened, you can change that frequency. If you're feeling stuck and blocked in primal creativity energies, you can change that frequency. If you are being too vulnerable at the moment, you can dial it down. You can open up to more love, and to a greater sense of intuition, of knowing, of psychic awareness and psychic energy. And you can adjust your connection with your Higher Self to have it be more. And all of this you can do more consciously now. Understand what the daily differences could mean.

Now it could sound crazy, certainly so. Woops, I'm going to dial up more security now because it is currently under attack or at risk. Your negative ego -- that yamma-yamma voice that always speaks to you (often with your own voice) will tell you that you are crazy, that you have gone off the deep end. It will tell you, Go out there and manipulate somebody! Go out and guilt-trip somebody! Go out and intimidate somebody! That's how you get more secure. But, as always, your negative ego lies to you. It will be lying once again.

You have always been able to adjust your Chakras. You have always been able to be conscious of doing so. Now that your Sirius Connection is active, you can do it more consciously than ever before. The adjustments can be more tangibly meaningful than ever before. Everything is different now.

Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic energy, which we have been talking about for years, has intensified. Marked by greater tectonic activity of earthquakes, by volcanic eruptions, windstorms, electric storms, water storms, and intense heat, the electromagnetics of your world have expanded exponentially. Such energy and its range of manifestations will continue to increase. Oh yes, you are going to see greater storms, greater winds, greater lightning, and massive amounts of flowing water. There will be increasing earthquake and volcanic action. Yes, there will be all kinds of disruptions, including surges of emotional disturbances (violence). But they are not punishment as your chauvinistic eyes would tend to see and your chauvinistic ears would want to hear. No, not punishment. These increases are coming as a way to get that electromagnetic energy into you.

This energy called electromagnetic is essential to the evolution of your brain. It is essential to the evolution of the human species. It is essential to setting up the resonance that can allow the metamorphosis of a new kind of human being. In short, you need this electromagnetic energy or the human race will not survive. It will not survive.

The electromagnetic increases are intended as a help, not a hindrance. If you will absorb the energy, if you will open up to it rather than fearing it and cursing it, so much beauty can unfold. It will stimulate your creativity (part of your personal radiance of resonance), your imagination (part of your attention), and your intuition (part of your intention). Absorb this energy and it will change you, evolve you. It can trigger the beginning of a metamorphosis.

If you do not absorb it, then the earth does. Thus the physical and emotional phenomena your world is increasingly witnessing. If you do not absorb it, the energy rolls off you and builds up in and about the earth. In time it will release: earthquake, volcano, or attacking environment.

For those of you who are ready for a 12.0 earthquake in California, this will not happen. For those who are waiting for an 8.0, it does not have to happen. You can mitigate it if you will be aware and work at absorbing that energy through your creativity, through your intuition, and through your imagination -- letting yourself be more conscious of your intention, attention, and resonance with its radiance. Be more conscious of your own spiritual hunger and of your chakra centers. Use this electromagnetic energy to feed yourself. You will mitigate the physical effects, and not just in your arena. Before you needed to funnel this kind of energy more directly into your temporal lobes. Now, with your Sirius Connection, you can absorb it directly. When you hear of a massive storm in Indonesia, or a major earthquake in Malaysia that many might want to see as the beginning of the end, you can mitigate the effect. You can create a quantum leap in your own creative and imaginative nature. And you can confound the experts who are so sure doom and gloom are right around the corner.

This is not to say that earthquakes won't happen, but they can be mitigated. It is not going against nature. It is changing the vibration, using that same energy in a different way. Energy is energy to be used. Use it in a different way. Absorb it into your own creativity, your own imagination, your own intuition. Expand your intention, your attention, and your resonance with that energy.

It does not mean you have to grab paper and pencil and suddenly create something. You can use it to change your resonance, your attention, your intention. You can start using these things and confound those experts who are sure this will lead to horrible destruction. Rivers can crest lower than they're expected to. Gee, I wonder how that happens? Nobody has to stand up and say, I did it. I did it. But you can do it.

Then when you hear about these acts that are electromagnetic -- violence in cities, emotional violence -- you can draw that energy. There is enough of it to go around. You don't have to go looking for it. Draw that energy, and use it to shift your resonance, attention, intention, creativity, imagination, and intuition, and thus mitigate the impact.

Futures are creating your present ...

Which brings us to the final issue. Futures are now creating your present more completely than ever before. This truth can work against you. The dark potentials: You are wide open now to self-sabotage. The wellspring of traditional failure is lodged in your past. So as you look and watch for potential failure by scouring the past, it can come at you, unannounced from the future. It will appear to be failure out of the blue. Boom.

Well, no. Such failure is not really out of the blue. If you had been looking toward the future, you might well have seen it coming well in advance. The past has ended. By continuing to look there for answers or for anticipated traditional failures, you can get blind-sided with non-traditional failure called sabotage. Whereas the wellspring of traditional failure is in the past, the wellspring of sabotage, especially self-sabotage, is the future.

... and I didn't see it coming. ...{laughter}...

Well, that's because it is coming from the other direction.

Yeah, but I don't know how to deal with looking into the future. What I do know is how to deal with the past. So I'm going to keep looking in the direction of the past!

It's like looking for the keys under the lamp, even though they were lost over there in the dark, because you can see better over by the lamp, right? ... {laughter} ... That old joke.

Self-sabotage looks like it comes out of the blue. It looks like it has no cause. It looks like it happened suddenly, without warning, because so much of self-sabotage is a product of a future -- not exclusively, but more so -- than it is of the past. Sure, secrets and shames can produce self-sabotage. But it's because you throw it into the future.

You see, you are not sabotaging yourself in a loving relationship now because of what someone else did to you in the past. You are sabotaging yourself in a loving relationship now because of what you are doing now and because of what you are intending to do in the future. The cause is in the future and in the present, not in the past.

Now what someone did may keep you from getting into the relationship in the first place. Thus, failure, you see? I never got to first base. But sabotage happens when you are past first and rounding second. It is then that you break your leg. But see, that is not a product of a past. That is a product of what you do with the past. Too often what you do with it, while throwing it into the future, is called sabotage.

And as the past is ended, the more traditional failures are fewer and farther between. You can still do it. We trust you. ... {laughter} ... You don't have to show us. But more sabotage is on the horizon, and that is one of the down sides to the fact that the future is more influential now. Self-sabotage becomes a greater threat.

You are going to see people out there in the world sabotaging themselves more frequently than you see them out-and-out fail in the traditional sense. They got the job, and then they embezzled and got caught. Then they ran into the boss's car. They did not fail at getting the job. Only afterwards, they sabotaged themselves, you see? They got into a relationship and then they indulged their infidelity or their unfaithfulness. If they had not been in a relationship, it wouldn't have been called infidelity. But they waited until they had the relationship, and then they were indiscreet. What kind of self-sabotage is this? That's what's coming out of the future.

Similarly, turbulent futures that are already in the pipeline can become more intense and seem to be coming "out of nowhere." It just showed up, or so it seems. People will feel more and more as if they are out of control, and therefore feel the greater need to control, to dominate.

They will convince themselves, and try to convince others, that the world, for some strange, quirky reason has become more frightening than ever before. Perhaps on a dreary night of depression they laid out a bunch of futures that they never really expected to manifest, and but lo and behold, here they come down the chute. Because of the potential threat of self-sabotage and the pipeline of futures, people will feel more out of control and therefore feel more of the need to dominate and control.

However, on the light side, what it means is that the future is wide open. You can create whatever you want to create. It is as though the slate can be clean. And you can purposely create all kinds of wonderful futures, and lay them out there weeks and months in advance.

Maybe not at first, but in time, your Subconscious/Unconscious will figure out what you are doing. They will soon find that it is fun to do this little Easter egg hunt of creating futures and then going to look for them -- going to manifest them. It will be particularly fun since they know where you hid those futures. ... {laughter} ... It's wide open.

What it also means is that all the Doom and Gloom does not have to be. It does not matter whether Nostradamus was right or not. History has ended. The past does not have that impact anymore. You do not have to have any of that reality. You get to write the rules. You get to decide whether it is going to be a dream, a nightmare, or a mediocrity. Does it take you too long to figure out which answer to choose? Let's see ... I think I'll take a dream.

You see, it is as if the books that were written so long ago no longer apply. They do not apply. The way it worked does not apply anymore. Therefore, you can create it the way you want it. The slate can be clean.

Likewise, you can lay out the most beautiful and most elegant futures. In the pipeline, you can create Optimal Futures. Now Optimal Futures are not outlandish things like "King of the World." You are not suddenly going to be a zillion-billionaire. ... {laughter} ... That's not an Optimal Future. That's ego fantasy.

But there are ways to create Optimal Futures that you can lay in the pipeline sporadically or purposefully, because the future is now creating the present. You truly can walk away from the past, taking the gifts, the treasures, and the power with you, because those belong to you. And then ... let it go.

And beyond that, just as the dark can mean greater domination, the light can allow you to step into dominion where you can consciously create with an ability to act, co-creating together, side by side, eyeball-to-eyeball with your Unseen Friends. You do not have to keep fixing, fixing, fixing the past, patching it, plugging holes in it, plugging leaks, hoping no one notices. You can turn your full attention to the future, where there is so much to write, so much to create, so much to change.

Remember, you already believe you can change the future. If you have a past that will not let go, throw it into the future and then change it. What you could not do in the past, you can do in the future.

And the world can be a friendlier place, where you can give and you can love, and where the Elements walk with you. The world can be a place where you and the Goddess and God can walk together, not in the physical sense, but in the true metaphysical/spiritual sense. You can open up to that kind of dominion because the future is creating it.

People, you have lived in a world created by others for most of your lifetimes. But now you have a chance to start new. Boy, if I could just do it all over again knowing what I know now. Your wish just came true. With the opening of the Vortex of Sirius -- with the opening of the Vortex of the Goddess -- and with your connection to Sirius, your wish just came true. You can do it all over again knowing what you know now. These things, these things that we talk about today, can be where to begin. Let it begin. Play with these ideas, let them tumble around inside of you. Sometimes, when you least expect it, something wonderful -- more than wonderful -- happens.

With Love and Peace ...




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