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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

How To Be Understanding

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Blog: How To Be Understanding

By Jach

A Question with Jach's Reply from an Online Conference

During the Online Conference (March 21, 2012) the following question was asked:

"With the ongoing political threats to women's autonomy from the right, and the death of the young black boy in Florida, Trayvon Martin, it seems like we are revisiting issues we thought/hoped were more resolved. Any ideas on how to be an understanding person with these painful, angering issues?"

Several people requested that this question and my reply be made available. There will be a transcript of the entire Online Conference in the Forum Library, but I decided to also post this reply in the Forum and on the Lazaris ~ Concept: Synergy page of Facebook.

It's an amazing time, isn't it? Shocking, in many ways. I cannot remember when, but many months ago Lazaris said that the male chauvinism of the past, which seemed to be on the decline and that seemed to many to be a non-issue, was returning with "a vengeance." He spoke of the radical extremists in the Muslim world. He spoke of the castration and mutilation of women in Africa. He spoke of the Taliban and their impact in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He didn't speak of the rise of chauvinism in the West, but it seems to be here. Racism and bigotry that were "supposed to be resolved" with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, also seem to be increasing. The shooting death of Trayvon Martin speaks to that in a visible way.

How to understand it: What occurs to me is that people, so many people, are dealing with the lower rung of the Tiers of Emotion. So many people are caught up and lost in fear and in hurt. Jealousy seems rampant, as does blame. Unresolved, these constricting emotions, these denied emotions, deteriorate and rot, becoming rage. Rage dips into loneliness and despair. The result: people feel a growing and terrifying sense of alienation. People feel they just don't belong. They don't belong in a world that is "moving too fast."

Alienation, lack of belonging, rage, loneliness, and despair cause people to act out. Some act out with anger. Their anger covers the fear and hurt. Blame covers rage and despair. With alienation, a sense of not belonging, and a world that seems foreign, violence unfolds. Racism, bigotry, and discrimination seem to be a part of that. I think the rise of violent chauvinism is also a major part of that. The term, War on Women, is a political term, a catch phrase. But beyond the rhetoric, there are increased attempts to control women with all the legislation about abortion, contraception, and women's rights, I think it is a function of that alienation and lack of belonging. It leads to a sense of powerlessness. The chauvinism, acting out against women, seems to be a response: an attempt to feel powerful, to be in control, to have impact, to be a part and in a way to "belong." It seems an attempt through control to feel "in control" of a world that has gotten "out of control."

So to understand: It's about comprehending and interpreting along with discerning and assessing. Beyond that, understanding looks to inference -- the emotions that are unspoken and that are "between" the events themselves. Understanding also is about appreciating. That's the hard part here, I think. But I think we can appreciate the pain that the Republican legislators in various states are feeling, and the pain that those who support such oppressive legislation are feeling. I think we can appreciate the sense of alienation and the lack of belonging that I think is behind this new level of chauvinism.

The last step of understanding is valuation. Not to value the violence toward women or the violence to minorities, but to value the desire to belong, the desire to be a part of the world, to be connected, to be included. Under all that, is there a desire, a longing, to be loved? I suspect there is. I can appreciate and value that. I can work my magic to flow love and healing to the perpetrators. I can work my magic to awaken a sense of belonging in those who feel so foreign, so alien, so alienated in this rapidly changing world.

I also think there is shame involved here. I am not sure how it plays exactly. But I think the attempts to corral women (once again) and the acts of violence, are attempts to dump the "sub-human" feelings of powerlessness on to others. Shame: "I feel powerless. If I can make women feel powerless, perhaps I can alleviate my feeling of powerlessness. If I can make others afraid, perhaps my fears will be lessened." Again, I am not clear on this, but as I have been responding to your question, the idea of shame keeps coming up. It's a puzzle piece here, I think, and I don't know where it fits. Anyway, these are my thoughts to your question about how to understand.


I hadn't thought about understanding these situations until this question came up.

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Lazaris Message on the War in Iraq March 20, 2003

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Blog: Lazaris Message on the War in Iraq March 20, 2003

By Lazaris


All right, all right. Well, indeed, a pleasure to be with you, a pleasure to be talking with you and to be looking into your world, and to welcome you, and to welcome you with all kinds of pleasure and all kinds of joy.

And tonight, a time of blending, a time of meditation, a time of contemplation. A tumultuous time in your world, that is so. A war, the obvious topic that is on all your minds and weighs heavily upon all your hearts regardless of your politics, regardless of how you experience this energy, a war that weighs heavily upon mind and heart, weighs heavily upon soul and spirit this night.

The Channel’s response earlier in the evening about the dawning of your day, about finding that voice as Magician, masterful magician, about raising your voice so that you can be heard amid the din … and you have both found that voice and you have been heard. You have changed the complexity, you have changed the nature – no, not perfectly.

So what is this war about? Last time, a dozen years ago, it was about a bully and how you respond, how you interact, with a bully. It was about a crisis of character, it was about a crisis of ego, it was about a crisis of success. This war, a very different war. And it is, we’ll put it quite succinctly, a shame that it has come to this. And all would agree. Those who are very supportive of the American administration, part of a coalition or otherwise, those individuals who are totally supportive would totally agree, it is a shame that it has come to this.

And those who are in opposition, in varying degrees, to such activity, however insightfully or blindly in opposition, would likewise agree, it is a shame. And there would be many who would want to blame. And others, more wisely, would want to look to where lies the fault … not whose fault is it, in that of blaming, but where lies the fault? It is a shame – the war is an issue of shame on all sides; how people respond, how humankind responds to shame.

Shame-based: You’ve worked with it personally. This, a shame of humankind. And the fault lies where? In humankind’s inability – we’ll say it as succinctly as we can – in humankind’s inability to build alliances. Humankind, relying upon the word “ally,” but not really developing alliances. Had the European Union, for example, truly built alliances, had the Western world – had the Western Hemisphere and the Western world really pulled together to create a viable alliance, a variety of alliances – no, not organizations, not labels – but not just allies but truly building alliances, then there could have been an alternative solution to what now is something that is this war around which everyone feels shame.

The failure, if there is, the fault lies in the inability to truly build alliances. And had alliances been fully built – over the last decade of years from 1992 onward, had alliances truly been built that were other than political gesturing or posturing – had they more solidly been built, then there would have been viable alternatives that everyone could have enjoyed. And it is a shame that it has come to this.

So what do you do about it? As you look into your shame, as you look into the shame that you personally feel around this war, how do you react? How do you respond? What thoughts? What feelings?

Some may be angry, some may be hurt, some may be scared, some may go into all states of self-doubt. When you look squarely into this countenance, when you look squarely into the face, when you look into the eyes of shame, what do you feel? What do you think? Feel those feelings, think those thoughts. Let yourself sift them and shift them, sort through them.

What beliefs and attitudes do you hold about shame? What choices and decisions do you make about shame? And in that shame – your shame, not other people’s, your own – in that shame, what do you do? How much do you punish yourself? How much do you throw yourself into self-doubt? How much do you ridicule yourself? Or how much do you forgive? How much do you forgive and work to heal yourself? How much do you release that shame? Ask for the help in lifting that shame? Turn to your very Soul, to your Higher Self, to your relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is, to your love, to lift that shame, forgive yourself, and heal yourself?

Yes, this war, it is a shame that it has come to this, and therein lie your clues, Magician, to the focus of your magic. No, you will not write the reality that there is no war, but you can still write the reality that this war – a shame that it has come to this – can lead you into that future, that future, that positive future of dreams and visions – that positive future, that virgin future untouched by human hand, rich with magic and miracles. How exactly, where exactly, what the form will be …

But as you can squarely face your shame, resolve how you deal with your shame, ask for help in its release, forgive yourself, and then direct all that energy that otherwise would have been lost in shame to the dream, to the vision, to the love, to the magic, to the miracles that you want to create. And you can let your voice, the voice of a magician, the voice of magic, be a part of the resolution of this war, of this shame, and part of what can follow in the years – in the months, in the years ahead.

With Love and Peace,


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