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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

An Exploration of Oneness

Sunday, December 20, 2015
Blog: An Exploration of Oneness

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach's Replies from the Online Conferences

Q. What are the differences between Union and Oneness? Seems like Oneness is more connected with divinity.

JACH: Certainly they are connected, and often the terms can be interchangeable in our language, but there are differences, I think.

First, union has to do with conscious creation ... creating alliances for mutual benefit. It has to do with creating a concordance or a connecting, or linking, of the heart and also of the soul (I think). It has to do with bonding as well as with binding together. In all this, union implies separateness. In the alliances of union there is still you and me ... there is also an us, but there is still you and me. In the alliances there are still parts that are gathered, collected, and combined.

In oneness, there aren't parts. [s]

In the binding and bonding of union, there are separate components or agents -- separate voices -- that are brought together to function as one. But they are not one. Union is the stuff of complexity.

Oneness, on the other hand, does not have separate parts. Oneness is not about alliance, and it does not require binding or bonding. In fact, I think binding and bonding are not only superfluous to oneness, I don't think they are possible. In oneness, there is no separateness or individuality.

In a way, union is the stuff of complexity; oneness is the higher octave that emerges from that complexity. Union comes first and with complexity, in the womb of complexity, union gives birth to oneness. Union precedes and oneness follows.

And yeah, I think Oneness has more to do with divinity. Out of creating divine union ... a divine mystery to be sure ... can come Oneness. It is interesting that 1999 was the Year of Oneness, and then 2004 was the Year of Union. It is almost as if we needed a taste of Oneness to motivate us to pursue Union. And then I think of what Lazaris said of 2004: Ours was to seek union to meet our needs and desires like everyone else within the consensus would, but for us, this year was about seeking union with self as we pursued triumph. I think the triumph involved ultimately becomes the triumph of Oneness.

So for me, therein lies the difference.

Q. It feels like the "Activating the Magics" workshop effected change on so many levels ... one thing I have noticed is that my sense of "beingness" has changed; it is more profound and it does feel as if there is a sense of Oneness involved ... maybe it has brought a deeper sense of peace, though that is not quite what I am meaning to say. I find it hard to articulate the changes, but I wondered whether you would want to talk about some of the ways that activating the magics can change us and has changed you?

So many of the workshops this year [1999] have had a certain profundity about them that is hard to describe. There has been a deepening and a quickening. And you know, I think it does have to do with Oneness. It's the year of Oneness, I know, but as I think about your question, it seems as though that energy -- the energy of Oneness -- is mixed into the texture as well as the content of so much of the work of this year.

"Activating the Magics" was such an experience. What happened for me is this ... I opened up to a fuller range of possibility. When I listened to Lazaris lay out the steps of finding our particular gateway to transcendent states and then discovering how to move through that gateway into a state of ... of what? of being? of mind? Yes, I think that a transcendent state is a state of being and a state of mind. [g] But what was so powerful in it all was that we could consciously go there. It did not have to be a peak experience that happened spontaneously or by something divine. It could be our choice. We could go to our gate, enter our gate, and be taken into a transcendent state. In that state, we could work our magic. We could allow a healing and we could allow it to happen in a transcendent way. We could do so much and we could be fully conscious and fully in charge.

Realizing that has deepened my sense of responsibility. It has altered the depth of my commitment. It has changed the way I look at my reality. I have so much more gratitude now. I have a heightened sense of appreciation now. And out of it, how can I justify playing the role of martyr, for example? How can I hold on to errant emotions for the fun of blame or the hopes of vindication? I mean, those things become so meaningless and such a waste of time. I don't mean to sound glib about it, but it does come down to that. So my martyr comes up, sure. But I send it away as quickly. I don't spend hours sending it away. It goes quickly. [g]

And then I think about metamorphosis. When I listened to the tape from Saturday morning where Lazaris talks about the potentials of metamorphosis and how our lives are geared and calibrated to allow metamorphosis, I got really excited. Again, the level of responsibility really increases and it feels so right to me.

These are some of the things that activating the magics has done for me. Oh yeah, my magic and its effectiveness has taken a giant's step forward. [vbg] There is a new punch to my magic now. I think it's a confidence and a courage. A confidence in the magician that I am and a courage to work the magic with a knowing and with a demand. [g]

The Oneness comes into it for me with the particular faces of Oneness ... Uniqueness and Harmony. For those not familiar, Lazaris says there are seven faces of Oneness ... seven ways to enter the grace of Oneness:








Of these seven, there is a link between the first and seventh, second and sixth, third and fifth, while the fourth stands alone.

So the face of Oneness that works best for me ... is the easiest or the most valuable face ... is uniqueness. When I can come to peace with my uniqueness, I begin to move closer to Oneness. But that is not enough. My sense of uniqueness needs to be tempered with harmony. So that is the face of Oneness that can most elegantly bring me into the grace of Oneness.

Someone else may have the face of harmony. And they need to temper their sense of harmony with uniqueness. Though in linear language, it is just switching the words around, in the non-linear of experience it is so much more than that. For example, uniqueness tempered with harmony has a very different meaning than a harmony tempered or altered by uniqueness. The same applies to whatever your face of Oneness is. There is a coloring or a shifting that is necessary. Unity needs to be tempered with accord (connect to the heart) while accord needs to be shifted by unity. Excellence needs the harness of individuality while individuality needs the guidance of excellence. Difference? Ha! Now that's ... you guessed it ... different. [vbg]

So to the point: Activating the magics has brought me closer to my uniqueness. It has opened me more to my sense of harmony. And as I bring them together in the state of transcendence and with the potential of metamorphosis ... a profound change in the essence that changes the substance of a thing ... I experience Oneness. And as Lazaris says, it can be magical, transcendent, and exhilarating.

Q. What is it about the energy of trust that makes it such an important part of the journey of Oneness?

JACH: Well, I think there is something about the energy of trust that makes it profoundly important in many aspects of our lives. The other day, I was thinking about the role of trust in my life, and I realized that it plays so heavily in the arena of developing my valued self. It plays a critical role in that work for each of us. To truly value ourselves, we need to be self-aware (know we have impact) and self-worthy (know that we are spiritual). We need self-esteem (earned love) and self-love (given love to be received). As well there is self-confidence (knowing we can cope), self-respect (looking again at our emotions), and finally self-realization (knowing we can consciously direct our impact).

In all this, trust -- self-trust -- is pivotal. I think that self-trust is the keystone that holds all the other components together. It is core to esteem and to self-confidence, and it is core to love (earned and received).

And without trust, what value would there be in looking deeper into our emotions? I mean, what value could there be if we didn't or couldn't trust what we saw?

Now to the idea of Oneness …

Lazaris talked in early February about the various parts of what makes up Oneness. One of those parts was Unity. Another is Uniqueness. And within unity there are concepts of sameness or equality, while within uniqueness there are issues of entitlement and empowerment. Another issue involved with Oneness is individuality, and along with that come concerns about expression or suppression. In the maze of ideas that comprise Oneness, if we cannot or do not trust ourselves, how can we find our way? I don't think we can.[g]

Finally, to find the mystery and the diversity that is Oneness and to make our way through the paradox and dichotomy that is Oneness, we need the alliance of ourselves. When we come to face the majesty and the magnificence of what Oneness -- our Oneness -- is all about, I think we need a very intimate relationship and alliance with ourselves. Self-trust offers that.

Q. Would you share any thoughts you might have about the role our crystals may play in our work with Oneness?

JACH: Oh, yes. I am sure that the role is a mighty one. [vbg]

I have so many thoughts about crystals, ... I have plunged deeper and deeper into my work with them. I sit with certain crystals for hours, and the joy only expands. Well, I don't sit for hours on end, but I will work with one crystal for hours over several days. [g] But the fascination and the depth of intrigue is only growing. The crystals are shifting and changing and becoming more awake than ever. More and more of them seem to be finding their way to Lazaris and to Lazaris workshops.

A little digression ... One new crystal dealer who is European and who spends a great deal of time in Brazil contacted us. He did not know us at all, but had heard of us through a friend, etc. We had purchased one crystal from him a while back. Well, he contacted us as he was "lead to do so." Something was "drawing him to us and he did not understand how or why." But he was following his instinct. He came from Brazil directly to Orlando to show us his crystals. Though we were a new client, he wanted us to see them first. We have had many similar stories. It's as though the crystals are insisting upon coming to be with Lazaris and to be at his workshops. The energy is amazing.

Well, back to your question ... I think crystals understand Oneness in a certain way. They, as consciousness, have a concept of time and space that is very different than ours. They can communicate across space-time in an instant. Also, I think there is an element of "one consciousness" in all crystals simultaneously. In that I mean, I think all crystals know what all other crystals know in an instant. There is an integrity here that is crystalline. That quality of Oneness ... each crystal being capable of knowing what every other crystal knows in the moment ... is a component of Oneness that is most intriguing and most frightening to us humans.

Now, when I say that each crystal has that level of integrity and that each knows what all others know, I do not mean that keeping one crystal is adequate. Not at all. Each crystal, as well as a sophisticated integrity, also has destiny. I am coming to understand that more and more ... They have destiny. They also have the concept of exalted giving within their consciousness. All of this ties together to mean that crystals can offer us a great deal of guidance when it comes to Oneness. They have not achieved it. But they can offer a great deal of guidance.

And when we work together, crystals and we can find more of that elusive mystery that is oneness. Similarly, when we learn to work together with the Other and Mystical Other, we will come closer to understanding and experiencing that Oneness.

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Welcoming Crystals to Your Keeping

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Blog: Welcoming Crystals to Your Keeping

By Lazaris

All right. All right. Well, well, oh my. Yes. Oh, what a pleasure and what a joy it is to be with you – working and exploring with you and loving with you. Welcome.

During this Year of Opportunity, within this the most monumental decade in the history of humankind on Earth, we talk of a Great Awakening. We talk of it now; many will be talking of it as the next several years unfold.

Years ago we suggested that a Great Awakening was coming. It is now upon you. We have talked of this awakening as a tri-polar energy attempting to become a uni-polar force.

We have suggested that the Domain of the Spiritual is awakening. At the dew line of its consciousness, the Enlightened Beings and the Exceptional Ones from all ages and the Shining Ones of Sirius herald the return of the Goddess and of the Light She brings.

The field of play – Earth, called Gaia by some – is awakening. At her dew line of consciousness, crystals awaken, demanding to participate – demanding to be part of the creation of a New World that is now destined to be.

The complexity of individuality is awakening. At its dew line of consciousness, those such as you – the Mapmakers and Magicians of your current age – awaken more deeply than you have awakened before.

A tri-polar energy – the Shining Ones of Sirius, Crystals and their consciousness, and Mapmaking Magicians – is coming together, attempting to become a uni-polar force. Yes, there is a Great Awakening about. Yes, there is a Great Awakening happening. And you are part of it. You are part of the equation; you are part of the mix.

And out of it all, crystals are coming alive in your reality. You are reawakening your old wisdom as well as your ancient arcane mastery and artistry. You are awakening your crystal workings once again. Many crystals that you once knew in Lemuria – the Land That Imagination Forgot – and in Atlantis – the Land That Was Lost though it was never forgotten – are coming back to you. They are coming, once again, to be in your keeping and under your guardianship.

So we offer you a means of welcoming. We offer you this conscious reading-meditation to do when you come upon a new crystal or to do with a crystal already within your keeping. Before you continue, get that new or to-be-renewed crystal. Have in near. Have it close. Have it there before you.

And now relax. Relax as you read these words. Relax.

Be conscious of your breathing as your eyes gaze gently upon the page. Relax. Slow your breathing. Relax ... Slower ... Relax ...

Slower ... still ... slower ... still ...


Eyelids heavy. Be still. Enter the hush. Enter the silence. Enter. Still.

Eyelids heavy, eyes partly closed. Be still. Enter the hush. Enter the silence. Enter. Still. Enter ...


In the hush, in the stillness, imagine. In the gentle gaze, behind the quiet haze, imagine.

Imagine that you are in your safe place. Allow your imagining, rich with thought and feeling, to flow as you sense yourself there. You are there. In your safe place, you are there. Imagine.

Imagine. Open your senses one by one or several at a time. Sense the colors, sense the shapes, of the sky and earth and of the terrain – of all that is in between. Imagine. Imagine the lights and the shadows. Open to the sights of safety.

Imagine. Open to the subtle sounds – to sounds that ears may not hear. Listen. Listen to the sounds of safety.

Imagine. Open to the gentle bouquet – to the fragrance – to the smells of safety.

Yes, touch ... taste.

Imagine the touch and taste of safety.

And you are safe. And you are safe. Safe.

As your eyes traverse these words, you are safe. And you can feel it now, can’t you? You can feel the presence of your Higher Self. All around, within and without, you sense the presence of your Higher Self. You can feel it now. You can sense them now. However vivid or vague, you sense your Higher Self with you. Let it happen; let it be.

They touch you.

Your Higher Self touches you. They touch your heart, and you feel a gentle pressure there upon your sternum bone. They touch your mind, and you feel a gentle pressure there upon your brow. Feel it. Allow it. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

In a moment your eyes will fully close, and while you slowly count seven deep and rich breaths, your Higher Self will deepen your senses. When you open your eyes again, your sensing will be deeper. Richer. More profound.

Close your eyes. Your eyes close and you count ...

With a gentle gaze you see these words again. In a silent haze, you see these words again. Imagine.

Turn your eyes to that crystal now. Slowly, you embrace it with your hands. Hold it tenderly. Hold it gently.

Speak to the crystal with your eyes. In the hush, speak with your touch. Speak with your eyes. Say what you want to say. Say from your heart and mind; speak with your eyes and touch.

Now ...

Touch the majesty and magnificence. Open your senses to the majestic and the magnificent of this stone – of this consciousness in crystalline form. Open your senses to this crystal as you did to your safe place. Open to the sight, sound, and smell of its majesty; open to the touch and taste of its magnificence. Experience.

Sense a personal connection and a personal relationship between you two. Know that you can work together. You have found each other. You have found each other for the first time, or you have found each other once again. Open to the sight, sound, and smell of this connection; open to the touch and taste of this union and reunion.

A feeling comes, and thoughts begin to flow. … There are treasures and precious gifts waiting for you. When you and this crystal work as one, there are so many truths to be revealed and treasures to be unveiled. There are so many gifts that can precipitate from dream to reality – from creation to manifestation. There is a bounty in this connection. Welcome it. Welcome it.

Now there comes an alignment. You can sense it, can’t you? Wait. Be still.

You can sense it, can’t you?

Feel the alignment of consciousness between you at the dew line of human consciousness and this crystal at the dew line of Earth consciousness. You are a consciousness who has chosen a human vehicle to express and reflect who you truly are. This crystal is a consciousness, too. This crystal is a consciousness that has chosen a crystalline vehicle to express and reflect who it truly is.

Say hello. Say it with your touch; say it with your eyes. From the depth of your heart and mind, say hello.

Now lift the crystal to touch your sternum bone, and let it touch your heart. If it is too large to lift, lower yourself to allow this majestic one to touch your heart. Listen. Be touched.

Now lift this crystal to touch your brow, and let it touch your mind. Or lower your head – bow – to allow this magnificent one to touch your mind. Listen. Be touched.




Sense that "something more" between you. Experience beyond where words have been and beyond where words can go.


And say, "Hello."

When you are ready, take a sharp and strong breath.


Open your eyes wide and full. You are awake. You are awake. You are awake in ways beyond what you may know. You are awake!

You are back here in the room with pages in your hand. Be awake. Be alert, alive, vibrantly awake, alert, and alive.

This reading-meditation can become a personal ritual for welcoming the crystals that come to you for keeping and for your guardianship. Just as you can use this method to personally welcome a new or renewed crystal, you can also use this means to say goodbye to a crystal.

From time to time, you will know that your watch is over. You know that it is time for this crystal to move along, to be kept and guarded by another. Often you express this knowing by giving a gift of a crystal to a friend. You can say goodbye to a crystal in a similar fashion.

As you acknowledge crystals – as you honor them with respect–they will acknowledge, honor, and respect you. Then the magic you can work …

Ah, the magic you can work together can be majestic. It can be magnificent. It can be the high magic that is sourced – not resourced, but sourced – in love, and whose only technique is choice.

It can be a magic beyond compare; it can be a magic beyond words.


As we close, we welcome you.

With love and peace,


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