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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

Introduction to Lazaris

Sunday, December 13, 2015
Blog: Introduction to Lazaris

By Jach   

Afraid, I just walked. I didn't know what else to do. Somehow moving seemed to help. I told myself: "Keep moving, just keep moving, Jach, and somehow everything will be all right." There was no logic in that spontaneous mantra, but then there was no logic in most of what had been happening to me over the past several weeks.

"Keep moving, just keep moving ... " At first, I thought it would just go away. I hoped it would just go away. I also hoped my hope would be enough so that nothing would come of it. But I heard the voice. I did hear the voice. I could not deny it any longer. The lack of denial did nothing to help me understand, so I just kept moving and repeating my private mantra. I was scared. I was terrified.

"When had it all begun?" I heard myself ask. This was a stalling tactic for sure, but I followed the question. I had nowhere else to go.

I'm not sure when it began. It seemed so simple then. I was on a business trip. I was at the Home Office, and it was half-way through a five-day conference/training session. Young execs from all over the country were there. I hated being away from home. These trips were considered a "perk" of mid-management, but I never felt very perky.

I don't know why I decided to meditate that evening. I had learned "how" to meditate at a course Peny had dragged me to back in 1972. The course had promised great results, which she found plausible and exciting. I found the claims unbelievable. She was right.

For me, meditation was a euphemism for napping. I would -- how do they say it? -- I would go "too deep" in almost all of my meditations. Though I had learned it, and had seen other people have great results, I had all but dropped the practice. Glorified napping did not seem to be the "way home" for me, or the way anywhere for that matter! I don't know why I decided to meditate that evening.

My eyes closed, and I began my routine of breathing the tension out of my body. I could feel myself starting to slip off to sleep. Then something very strange happened. I started to visualize! I saw things! I saw things spontaneously. This was a first!

I still remember it ... The path twisted this way and that. Green ... everything so very green. The ferns, tall. Trees, lush. Sweet smells. So engrossed in the detail, I forgot to be startled. I forgot to disbelieve.

The images burst. My mind raced ahead. I kept following. Then I saw an intriguing cabin. "Oh, brother," I thought. "This is just too corny! This is almost embarrassing!" But there was something different about this particular cabin. The spontaneity and the uniqueness silenced my skepticism and my sarcasm.

Surrounded in tall pines and sequoias, it had a thatched roof and sparkling glass windows with diamond-shaped beveled panes. The exterior walls were rough cut, but the slightly ajar door was smooth and finely crafted. It was certainly "Americana," but it was something else as well. It intrigued me. It welcomed me.

Maybe it was the twill of smoke. Perhaps it was the warmth of the light pouring from windows and door. The details astonished me. The racing stopped.

I stood for a very long time. Inching my way, the path gave way to three steps. I finally crossed the porch and reached for the latch. The door opened on its own. My skepticism bubbled briefly. I could almost hear it breathe. I stepped into the room.

A man was standing in front of me. He was gentle. I was not afraid. He spoke to me. Our relationship began. ...

I bolted. The meditation abruptly ended. I remembered every word! Writing furiously I had to capture the moment. Exhausted, I called Peny. She lifter her enthusiasm to match mine. I loved her for that.

Nothing happened after that. I had asked his name. "Lazaris" was the word I heard. I asked again thinking of "Lazarus" of the Bible, or the department store in Columbus. The name was distinct: L-A-Z-A-R-I-S. The emphasis was emphatically on the second syllable (La-ZAR'-is). I had a name, but no further contact. I all but forgot about the whole experience. ...

October 3rd, 1974

Early evening. Sitting on the bed, plumped up in pillows, I am preparing to meditate (ha!). I am going to seek insight (ha!) to help guide our lives. Things were not really so bad as to warrant such extreme measures! Yet over the fourteen years of our being together, I had learned to pay attention to Peny's psychic flashes and intuitive gestalts. She had "flashed" that I should do a meditation.

She asked me questions. I answered. The questions were great. The answers were boring. Maybe that's why I fell asleep. I thought I had fallen asleep. I could feel myself drifting away. I tried to stay awake. I tried to hold onto the sound of her voice, but the soft lure of sleep won out. I drifted off. I was asleep.

Two hours later, Peny didn't hear my sheepish apology for having dozed off. She was excitedly tumbling over words trying to tell me that an entity had spoken through me. She thought I had fallen asleep again, too. This time, however, my head didn't bob, so she waited. Some minutes passed, and then a deep, resonant voice began where mine had left off. The answers, however, were powerful, not of the caliber of mine. She listened. She wrote as fast as she could. She was like a child with Santa Claus -- she didn't question it then, she just took all the information she could get. She would evaluate it later.

The entity explained that he was Lazaris! Yes, the same one I had contacted so many months before. That experience had been in preparation for this one, though neither Peny nor I would begin to understand what "this" was for many years to come. Lazaris requested two weeks of our time to finalize the necessary adjustments so he could "channel" through me. He provided Peny with a simple, but detailed, method I should use to enter trance more easily. He assured her that this experience would never be detrimental, that although he had neither a body nor time, he appreciated that we did, and he would never abuse either.

More questions are answered. I know Peny is telling me the truth, because she does not lie. The information explodes in my mind. I hear the words. I know they are true. I cannot believe what I am hearing. The contradictions are lost in the sweet comfort of avoidance. I just refused to talk about it.

Every evening I would sit and close my eyes and take an "after-dinner nap." Every evening Peny would enthusiastically tell me all that had transpired. I listened. I smiled. I avoided.

After the two weeks, the necessary adjustments were complete. Peny had come to know and trust this entity that I wasn't even really admitting was there. Everything at work was just fine. Everything was just fine. I continued to avoid. Peny, aware of my usual way of handling things I didn't understand, handed me a cassette with one word: "Listen."

"Keep moving, just keep moving ... " I couldn't deny that something was happening. Afraid, I just walked. I cried. I did not know what to do. Peny knew me so well that she left me alone. Her tenderness and compassion was so great that she knew when loving meant to leave me alone. I walked. I cried. I had never been so scared in my twenty-seven years. I had never been so frightened. What was happening to me?

Months would pass, months filled with evaluating Lazaris with casual friends about whom I knew very little. They would come and talk to Lazaris and then report their conclusions. These were people I trusted who also had extensive backgrounds in this new-to-me field of metaphysics. I would slip into "trance," both terrified that he would come through and terrified that he wouldn't be there. Gathering the feedback, I concluded that something very real was happening. Many more months would pass before I could accept Lazaris for who he really was.

Then I referred to him as "it," which I suppose is technically more correct since Lazaris is neither male or female. As I have come to know Lazaris, I have come to know his love, his humor, his giving and caring. I have come to know his commitment to me and to all the human beings who find him. I have come to understand his dedication to honesty. He has become a friend. He has become my friend, my very best friend. He is no longer an "it." To me, Lazaris is a "he."

I kept moving. I just kept moving that day in mid-October, 1974, and everything did turn out just fine.

The initial friends of Lazaris began telling their friends, who told their friends, and ... As their friendships with Lazaris grew, so did mine. Each day, each week, I grew to love him more.

I remember one evening in (I think) 1976. By then Lazaris was conducting workshops, and I was listening to a cassette of the most recent one. It was very late. Alone in the totally dark living room, I was lying on the floor just listening. It still amazed me that the voice was coming out of my body. I just listened.

I heard the words, but that late night, I heard something more. It was between the words. I heard the love. I could hear the concern and the compassion. Tears rolled down my cheeks. The tears turned to sobs. I could feel Lazaris filling the room. I could feel Lazaris filling me with his incredible love and his soothing peace. I could feel his smile. Though I had known that Lazaris was real for almost two years, that night I was finally at peace. That night was special.

Since 1974, tens of thousands of people have found their friendships with Lazaris. He works with thousands of people in seminars and Pay-per-Views. In 1985 Lazaris agreed to make recordings available. They now number more than 400, and the demand constantly increases.

As I look back, I wish we had kept better records. We don't have the original notes that Peny took that evening in October, 1974. We don't even know the time of day. I can't begin to remember the day or even the month when I first meditated and "accidentally" discovered Lazaris. When all this happened, we had no idea that it meant anything at all. We had no idea that the phenomenon would even recur. There was no reason to document what might have been a fluke. Perhaps if we had known ... but this whole experience unfolded itself in front of us. Peny and I felt more like observers than participants.

Now Peny and Michaell and I still wait and watch to see where Lazaris' love leads him and us. The waiting and watching is exciting. We know that Lazaris knows where it all leads.

He is taking us Home. In a metaphysical environment where approaches to spirituality proliferate with varying shades of validity and integrity, I am glad to have a friend like Lazaris. I am glad I "kept moving, just kept moving" that day so many years ago.

by Jach Pursel,
Lazaris' Channel, 1987






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Introduction to Lazaris

Sunday, December 13, 2015
Blog: Introduction to Lazaris

By Peny

Sometimes when you least expect it, an event of great import drops in your life. If you're very lucky, it will also happen that you realize the opportunity of the moment and pay attention. It has been twenty years since Lazaris first channeled his vibration through Jach on October 3rd, 1974. I can still feel that first jolt of amazement and sheer KNOWING that buzzed through me when Lazaris' strong, heavily-accented voice boomed out of Jach's apparently sleeping body: "All right. My name is Lazaris. I'd very much enjoy communicating with you."

I still don't know why I reacted so calmly to this propitious phenomenon. I had no idea how long the contact would hold, and I crammed my questions in like a kid running into Santa Claus on the way to the sleigh. Finally, Lazaris laughed and said good night: "Don't worry. I'll always be back to talk with you, dear one."

When Jach woke up, he had no idea of what had transpired. He was positive he had only been asleep. It was weeks before Jach would even agree to listen to Lazaris' voice on tape, and weeks more before he fully became used to it. He still has no recall of trance conversation, and he greatly prefers it that way.

Lazaris is a nonphysical entity. He has never been human. His spark, his essence, originates far beyond the Mental and Causal Planes. Explaining what Lazaris "is," is like trying to draw a picture of your own mind. Fortunately, Lazaris has made available a transcript entitled LAZARIS EXPLAINS LAZARIS, which should answer any of your questions.

Today, thousands of people have worked with Lazaris through the Crystal Cave, and the Evenings, the One-Day and Weekend seminars, as well as the 3-day Intensives. It is impossible to gauge the impact of his vibration; we have files full of letters thanking him for transforming lives with his light, often humorous, touch. The phenomenon of Lazaris is both a mystery and a joy to all of us. Lazaris has asked me to state that he will, as always, only be channeling through Jach. There have been some confusing rumors we'd like to clear up about this.

Feel free to call us for more information and to receive notifications of new recordings and seminars. Sometimes when you least expect it, an event of great import drops in your lap.

Love and peace,
Peny (1994)



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Learning To Have Fun and Consciously Creating Success

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Blog: Learning To Have Fun and Consciously Creating Success

By Lazaris

The Two Major Focuses of Every Lifetime ...

When Lazaris has spoken of Life Focuses he has always said that people have seven of them in every lifetime, varying from person to person and from lifetime to lifetime, depending upon what they want to be doing any particular time. There are two focuses, however, that are part of every lifetime we have: Learning To Have Fun and Learning To Consciously Create Success. This excerpt from Lazaris Interviews: Book II (out of print) is about these two, which are always part of every incarnation.

Learning To Have Fun

"What is the purpose of life? ... What is my task? Why am I here? ... Why am I physical? What is my mission?"

You are haunted by this desire to know. Deep within your brain stirs the thought that if you just knew the answer to one of these questions, then everything else would make sense. Your heart echoes with feelings that a satisfactory answer would make everything ... absolutely everything ... all right.

Your purpose, your mission, your task – or, as we prefer to say, your focus – can be stated with disarming ease. The prime reason you are here: To learn to have fun.

Yes. That's it. You are here to learn to have fun! You have created a physical form and a physical world to put it in. You have created all of your reality to give yourself the opportunity to learn – to learn to have fun.

The critics and detractors pounce upon that statement as proof of the shallowness and hedonism of the New Age. They either get angry at the apparent lack of social responsibility, or they dismiss the idea as the emptyheaded "fad philosophy" of this yuppie "sport" called the New Age.

Many who consider themselves part of the alternative spirituality of the New Age want the purpose, the task, the mission to be more serious or to at least sound more spiritual. Missions should be loftier. A purpose of connecting with your Higher Self or becoming one with the Source sounds much more reasonable. It sounds much more valuable and viable.

At first glance, these criticisms seem to have merit. Upon further investigation the kind of fun we are talking about, the kind of fun you are attempting to learn, is valuable and totally viable. We are talking about the kind of fun derived from accomplishing the lessons you have selected to experience and fulfilling the destinies you have chosen to explore. Your spiritual focus -- your spirituality -- is all about your living, breathing, loving, embracing relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is. This is what learning to have fun is all about.

Your purpose, mission, task -- your focus -- is not only about achievement; it is also about the means of achieving. It is not just about succeeding -- it is also about the way in which you succeed. You can grow through the struggles and hardships of life. Some of you needed to do that. Some still feel the need to struggle and suffer. However, you also have the choice to grow through the love and the laughter.  

Which is going to be more fun? Both of them will "get you there," but which is going to be more fun? Everyone, regardless of their spirituality or their claimed lack of it, has the same purpose, task, mission, the same focus: Learning to have fun.

Certainly the desire to reach a heaven, whether it is a literal place or a state of mind, is a desire to have fun. Certainly a desire to connect with your Higher Self or with the Source is a desire to have fun – a postponed desire perhaps, but still a desire to have fun. For the Christian, certainly being on the right side of the rapture is a goal of having fun. No matter how much struggle you think is required – no matter how painful the path you decide you must have, the goal, the culmination of your learning, is to reach a state of peace. Peace. That's fun!

There are four keys to understanding this primary focus.

First, learn. The focus is not just "to have fun" – it's to learn. It is: To learn to have fun. Learning means recognizing and acknowledging that you are the creator of all the possibilities, probabilities, and actualities of your reality. It involves figuring out what you did "right" and "wrong." Learning to have fun means being responsible for what "works" in your life. It means figuring out the "why's" and the "how's" of reality creation so that the fun you have is the fun you know you created. It is self-generated fun. You never have to wonder if it will last, because you create it -- you are the source of the fun, then the happiness, and finally the joy you are having in your life.

Second, define. Define fun continuously. Fun is not static. Being fluid, it always changes. When you were six, you had very distinct ideas of what a fun day was all about. Now those same ideas would seem ridiculous. Your current concepts of fun are unique. As you unfold your future, your current pictures of fun will also change. It is vital that you define and redefine what you mean by "fun" and what you mean by having it.

Third, balance. Despite the parental "tape-loops" inside your head mumbling something about beds that you must sleep in and cakes you cannot eat, it is important to balance. It is up to you to choose and decide not only what's fun, but when it's fun. For some, a "pizza and a six-pack" may not only sound like a fun idea -- at the time, it might be the essence of fun! Yet, at another time it would be the antithesis. It is up to you to balance the long-term fun and the short-term pleasures. It is up to you to distinguish among the inner-child's, adolescent's, young-adult's, and the spiritual adult's sense of: "What's fun?"

Learning to have fun is not just about being at the right place at the right time, knowing where the best parties are on a Friday night, or about knowing the right people. It is about learning, defining, and balancing self-generated fun. It is about creating your own reality and being positively responsible for that creation.

Fourth, deserve. The final key to understanding the prime focus of having fun is also the major blockage to its fulfillment.

You can learn, define, and even balance what is fun for you. You can process and program. You can work with a myriad of techniques. You can be responsible and enjoy the power implicit within that responsibility. You can learn and work through the psychological and metaphysical obstacles that separate you from the reality you ask for.

However, if you don't think you deserve, all the above are intellectual exercises fast becoming exercises in frustration and futility. The lack of deserving permeates your beliefs and attitudes, your thoughts and feelings, and your choices and decisions. You do not feel you deserve. A primary focus that seems easy enough to accomplish has just been moved out of reach. Because it is beyond your belief and therefore your choice, "you can't get there from here."

There are several powerful reasons why deserving is outside the belief-choice matrix.

1. You were taught. You were taught by parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, and peers that you do not deserve -- especially you do not deserve to have fun. These sources of learning were not necessarily ill-intentioned. Much of what they taught you was what they learned and what they thought would "protect" you from a world they didn't understand and therefore a world that seemed to be "the enemy." They did not want you to get your hopes up and have them dashed. They did not want you to get hurt, so they taught you that you did not deserve. Sometimes, they were ill-intentioned. Out of jealousy, possessiveness, and fear, some did intend to imprison you in their limitations. Whichever, you were taught, and you can "un-teach" yourself now.

2. You are haunted by angers, hurts, and resentments of the past. Separate from what you were innocently or maliciously taught, many are followed by the specter of the past. As a child you were so angry you wished your mother was dead. You numbed your hurt with hate. You harnessed the anguish with resentment. Lonely, you punished yourself. You decided you did not deserve to be happy. Ever! You still live by that decision. You are haunted by the past.

3. You feel guilty. The guilt you may feel can be sourced in fact and fantasy, or it can be unsourced in the belief that you are guilty just by being alive. Perhaps you were taught; perhaps you were conditioned. Now you feel guilty. According to you, you do not deserve. The possibility of happiness, the possibility of having fun, is frightening. It is a threat. This is where your lack of deserving lies if you find yourself feeling guilty when things go wrong and even worse -- guiltier -- when things go right. Are you constantly apologizing for being here -- for being alive?

4. You are caught in a "catch-22" of deserving. You come to realize that the lack of deserving is the problem. You are eloquent and articulate about all the reasons you don't deserve. You have even worked at relearning what the inner-child erroneously learned. You have released the haunting angers, hurts, resentments, and you have freed yourself from guilt. Yet you still don't feel you deserve. Why?

Because, you tell yourself, if you deserved, you'd have figured it out long ago! You say you don't deserve because you still feel undeserving. You continue by telling yourself that if you were a person who was meant to feel deserving, you would have done it already. Wrapped in a negative ego of, "I'd hate to admit it," you are caught in a "catch-22" reality.

Often, there is a feeling of foolishness: "I should already know this. I should already have done this." Believe us, you will only feel more foolish to wait even another month. If you feel foolish now, how much more foolish are you going to feel a year from now?

Admit your foolishness and your embarrassment. Break the "catch- 22" by realizing you are not alone. Everyone feels the lack of deserving. It is part of your human condition. It is part of what you are learning through the lens, through the focus, of learning to have fun.

5. You are depressed. Depression is anger that you fear you will get in trouble for having. Many who are depressed in their marriages or relationships are often angry, but fear reprisals should they talk about it. Many who dread going to work because their jobs depress them are really saying they are angry, but actualization carries intolerable consequences. The anger that seeds depression can build over many months or many years, or it can come from quick and sudden change. One of the ways you suppress -- repress -- depress -- that anger is by denying fun. You deny it by refusing it, or by choosing to believe that it is outside the realms of possibility or probability. Either way, it is beyond your reach.

6. You lack perfection. You have made mistakes, and you have not forgiven yourself. Perhaps you are waiting for others to forgive you or to apologize to you. Perhaps you have decided that you are unforgivable. Whatever you tell yourself, you have concluded that you do not deserve to have fun. Erroneously, you have decided that you can have fun once you are perfect, and not before. Since you already have made a mistake, you are doomed. If you can discover the arrogance rather than feel the self-pity of this position, you can be free of it.

7. You decided you do not love "good enough." Like the lack of deserving you were taught, many of you have concluded that you simply do not love "good enough." In many situations, the Human Potential Movement and the ensuing metaphysics have fostered that conditioning. Many have decided that humankind as well as they, individually, have a fatal flaw -- an original sin of sorts -- of an inability to love. Because they can't love, or can't love "good enough," they do not deserve anything -- especially, they do not deserve to have fun. Nor, according to them, does anyone else.

We realize we have not offered concrete solutions and resolutions to these obstacles to your deserving. Knowing what stops you -- knowing the hurdles and where they are -- can be the first step in finding your own solutions.

Having fun is not the glib and shallow concept so many want to think it is. It sounds simple enough, yet your reality belies that suspected simplicity. After so many lifetimes, fun and learning how to have it seem as elusive as ever.

Having fun involves learning to create your reality, defining the means and the ends you wish to achieve and acquire, balancing the future and the present against the backdrop of the past, and most of all it involves allowing yourself to feel, and then be, deserving.
Learning To Consciously Create Success

The other essential purpose, mission, or task -- or, as we call it, focus -- is as important and as illusive as the first. The second focus: To learn to consciously create success.

You see, it is not just about being successful. It is about learning. It is about being conscious. It is about defining exactly what success is for you.

  Creating your own reality is something you do whether you are conscious of it or not. Everyone consciously creates their own reality. Some, lost in the labyrinth of ignorance or naivete, do not know it. Others, caught in the web of fear and ridicule, deny it. Many, trapped in the paralysis of being in potentia, wish it were true. Regardless, you do create your own reality.


Conscious creation of reality is how you function. Conscious creation of success is where you focus.

We do not want to examine the entire arena of creating success. That has been done. The bookshelves of your reality are replete with the "how-to's" of success.

We want to plant seeds of consideration to help you more clearly understand what success really is for you, and how to more concretely be able to consciously create it for yourself. To begin, we must look at what success isn't. Many of you don't really know what success is. It is one of those concepts that you are supposed to "just know." Potential humiliation overrules curiosity. Without clear understanding you continuously seek and never find success.

In lieu of clarity you accept the consensus reality definitions thinking that success means greater intelligence, more deserving, and "better than." You assume success entails competing with others and conquering scarcity. Success is concomitant with perfection in action and intention.

Initially, this sounds acceptable -- even preferable. In time, you realize that you are not meeting these standards. No matter how intelligent you are, there are those who are smarter. You don't feel deserving. No matter how persuasive you are, no matter how many others you convince, you cannot convince yourself that you deserve -- that you really deserve. No matter how tightly you hold on to your "better thans," they keep slipping through your fingers. Competing and conquering are not only exhaustive, they're boring. You are not perfect. You are not perfect. No, you're not.

To stop the erosion, you simplify your consensus reality definitions. Success means having more and better than, being more and better than, doing more and better than. Success means more ... !

Shuddering at the prospect of failure, you take a deep breath, you steel yourself, and you dive in again. Rather than realizing that the definitions are incorrect, you try again to make them work for you. Some will spend their whole lives on this merry-go-round reaching for a brass ring that isn't there. Never was, never will be.

"Um-pa-pa, Um-pa-pa." There is no end. What success you do create feels like a fluke that can be snatched away at any moment. As much as failure is painful, success is more frightening. There is not real success on the merry-go-round.

Some reluctantly get off the carousel by being knocked off with the hard edge of failure. They judge, punish, and conclude that they are no good. They feel and are convinced that they "blew it - - it's too late."

Then there are those who are forced off the carousel by getting caught in the soft voice of self-delusion or by getting lost in the mirrored maze of grandeur. They convince themselves that they have met the criteria. The euphoria is eventually replaced with the haunting hollowness: "Is this all there is?"

A few, a very few, consciously climb off the merry-go-round by releasing the consensus reality definitions. Admitting that they do not know what success is, they then search for new meaning and create their own definitions of success -- of their success.

The most effective way to define success in a way that the definition can be your definition, is to lay forth the core -- the backbone -- the backbone of what success is. The skeleton of success is just that: a skeleton. You must give it life by adding the flesh and blood, the muscle and nerve, and the thinking and feeling of success. You must breathe life into these pieces of the puzzle called success.

Not surprisingly, there are seven basic components to being successful. You all know these seven pieces of the puzzle. Often, you just don't know how they fit together.

1. First is power. The most elegant definition of power is the ability and the willingness to act. Power, in truth, has nothing to do with intimidation, control, or manipulation. It has nothing to do with the desire or the attempts to overpower.

"Power" has become a euphemism for fear. When you confront a scary person you often call them powerful. When you encounter a powerful person you often call them scary! Very strange.

True power is being both able and willing to choose and decide, and to act on those choices and decisions. It is being able and willing to think and feel and act on those thoughts and emotions. It is being able and willing to admit to having attitudes (opinions, evaluations, and discernments) and beliefs and then acting consciously on those attitudes and beliefs.

2. The second puzzle piece is creativity and productivity. Creativity is generating and stimulating conception and perception in yourself and/or in others. Creativity is not defined by career or label. The artist and the non-artist, by whatever definition, are creative if they generate and stimulate conception and perception.

Levels of productivity are measured by the amount you learn about yourself. Whatever you are doing, if you learn a great deal about you and who you are, then it is productive. If you learn little or nothing, then it is nonproductive. Productivity is a quality, not a quantity.

3. Then there is awareness, and there is aliveness. Many look for lofty esoteric meanings for these two concepts. In their search they lose sight of success. To be aware, concisely, means knowing you have impact. Some believe that it is impossible to have impact on each other. Yet others will concede and deal with impact. Whether they are supposed to have it or not, they actually do have impact on the people around them. Regardless, everyone agrees that you have impact, at least on yourself. When you know this -- really know this -- you become aware.

When you combine four very special ingredients, something very special happens. You create the synergy of aliveness. Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and in this case the aliveness is more than just equal parts of love, trust, expectancy, and enthusiasm.

To become really alive it is important to combine the flexibility and fluidity of love with the fragility and rigidity of trust. Then it is vital to stir in the wonder of expectancy and the sparkle of enthusiasm. Mix well. Be alive.

4. Happiness is the fulfillment of your needs. Joy is the fulfillment of your preferences. Enjoyment is the elegance with which you do both.

5. Many make the mistake of assuming that success means having resources. In truth, success means having access to resources. There are those who have money, but no real access to it or to what it can buy them. They do not experience success. Others have loads of access to money as their only resource. They often experience limited or shallow success. The truly successful person will have expansive access to physical and metaphysical resources. Success is within the grasp of anyone who can close their eyes, alter their state of consciousness, visualize, and manifest in their reality. If you are willing, each of you has unlimited potentials for success.

6. Critical to being successful: the willingness to adventure.

In your "old age" world you learn to be a warrior. You learn to confront, to battle, to conquer, and you dominate. In the "New Age" world you can learn to be an adventurer. You can learn to encounter, to understand, to befriend, and to transmute with dominion. Consciously created success involves - integrally involves -- being willing to adventure in your reality and in your world.

7. Dominion is an attitude and a belief. Dominion is a point of view. When you are willing to co-create your success with God/Goddess/All That Is rather than expecting someone to do it for you, you are on your way. When you are willing to stretch and reach for the future rather than grovel in the past, you begin to feel the excitement and the wonder of dominion. when you are able to see and demonstrate that first your world -- and then the world-at-large -- is a friendly place ready to support you rather than out to get you, then you have dominion.

With dominion, you have the final piece of the puzzle called success.

The secret of being successful -- of learning to be successful? Begin by owning each of the seven puzzle pieces as an attitude first. Feel. Feel powerful, creative/productive, aware/alive. Feel happiness and joy in an enjoying way. Feel that you have access to resources, a willingness to adventure. Feel dominion.

Do not expect to be successful first and then to have the feeling. Feel it first. Feel it first.

Do not aim at being successful. Do not make success the bull's eye of your target. Don't "shoot for success." Ironically, the secret to consciously creating success is not to make it the central target of your desire, expectation, or imagination. Rather, accomplish the means. Aim to be powerful, creative/productive, etc. Aim at the means and allow the ends to follow.

Don't shoot for the ends. Accomplish the means, the ends will follow.

With love and peace ... LAZARIS

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Responding to These Troubled Times

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Blog: Responding to These Troubled Times

By Lazaris

Dear Friends,

During this trying and turbulent time in the world, Lazaris has responded with a message with suggestions of how to respond as the masterful magicians that we are. A meditative suggestion is also included in order to help us temper the negative energies as well as bring in and augment more positive energy.


Message from Lazaris ...

All right. All right. Well, well, certainly so. These are confusing and troubling times. In the frenzy of global activity, in the chaos of the current increasing violence, and with the escalating threats of tragedy and terror, it is increasingly difficult to know where to turn or how to respond. You are a magician, a masterful one at that, but with all that's happening and with the speed with which these crises are unfolding, it is easy to lose sight of who you are, of why you are, and of how to be who and why you are. You ask for help, direction, guidance ... something. We respond.

We have spoken of the prevailing energies of this phase — of these months, turbulent and threatening months — and those energies are present and they do and will prevail. Boredom, yearnings for freedom, awakening human spirit, initiation, gratitude. Each has its positive expression, its potential expression, positively and also negatively. Right now, you are experiencing the negative faces and hearing the negative voices — the excessive, melodramatic, clamoring, and shouting voices — of those prevailing energies.


The world around you is overflowing with the ugliness of boredom and of the longings for freedom — that painful often blind longing to be free or freer. There is beauty in both boredom and freedom, but right now, the ugliness stands out, exists. The human spirit is awakening and it is ripe with the ugliness and constriction, too. During these tempestuous times, it is hard to know what is being set in motion or what is being caused to be, but clearly the resonance of initiation is afoot in the world, and it needs to be active — positively active with its positive resistance — in your reality. Finally, gratitude, the fifth prevailing energy, can emerge from the beautiful and the miraculous, but it can also emerge as people lift from chaos, from turbulence, and from the unknown of tragedy, trauma, and violence. Gratitude flows along the avenues of human dignity, but more often it flows along the avenue of human tragedy.


Gratitude, being thankful. There is a sad irony here. For many within the consensus, it is hard to be genuinely thankful — genuinely grateful — for the positive things that happen in their lives; it is hard to receive, and it's harder to be beholden. Too often the expressions of such gratitude are uncomfortable or they are no more than automatic phrases. Lip service. However, when a crisis, a trauma, or a tragedy ends — when the negative is abated, it is easy to feel, to genuinely feel grateful. Such gratitude is spontaneous, it's genuine and it's real. It is genuinely felt. Such gratitude is seen as a blessing and it is eagerly embraced. Within the consensus, it is easier to imagine gratitude that emerges from the cessation of negativity. It is easier to feel that gratitude. That gratitude —the gratitude of knowing that the worst is over or that it could have been worse — is real for people —more real than the guarded gratitude of positive events. The current prevailing energy of gratitude is real. It is painfully very real.


And in many ways, the cautious times of October have come early. The potential combustion we sensed for October has surfaced earlier than anticipated.


Over the past several years, we have talked of the Crisis of Fear and of this Perfect Storm of Change. We have pointed out to you and you understand that ubiquitous fears and the fears of change generate anger, exacerbate fear, fearful hurt, and the other constricting emotions. As the many global and personal changes are especially and particularly intense right now, the angers, fears, hurts, jealousies, and blames around these changes are also especially and particularly intense. Rage begets violence and for far too many people, violence is a sorry antidote to loneliness and despair. Violence is a sorry antidote to loneliness and despair. The current violence is an expression of a world in the crises of fear and change. It is also a reflection of people, ordinary people, lost in loneliness and despair, lost in pain and untouched by love.


So what is really going on in the world? As you watch the news, as you read the analysis of events, focus on understanding: comprehending, interpreting, discerning, and assessing. It is also important to work with inference, appreciation, and valuation. It is important to gather information. It is important to listen and to hear the many sides of the various issues that touch your heart and soul.


Who's right? Who's wrong? What are the answers and who has them? What should be done? Work with the issues and the questions they spark. Choose, decide, find your answers, but realize they are your answers, maybe answers only for you. Also important, even more important, in the midst of it all, remember who you are and why you are. Yes, it is important to be involved and to be engaged in the world, within the consensus of which you are still a part, and it's critical that you do what you do, what is your nature, what is your grace: love, dream, work magic, and heal.


Yes, listen, watch, analyze, and figure out what's right and what's wrong and find your answers. Work your magic according to your listening, watching, understanding and knowing. But in it all and above all, remember: People are hurting. People are angry and scared. They are in pain. Jealous, envious, yes. Blaming, yes. But they are scared and in pain, lost in rage, loneliness, and despair.


Where to turn? How to respond? If you work your magic to restore love and to heal the angers and fears, to heal the hurt, jealousy, blame, and to heal the agony of rage and the excruciating pain of loneliness and the horrific emptiness of despair — if you work your magic to restore love and to heal the angers and fears, to heal the hurt, jealousy, blame, to heal the agony of rage and the excruciating pain of loneliness and the horrific emptiness of despair there is space for the answers, the right, good, and true answers, to fall into place. There is space for forgiveness and second chances. People are broken. Work magic to heal what's broken.


May we suggest a meditative magical working? If you wish, we will accompany you and we will work our magic alongside you as you work your magic. If you wish, invite us to come along with you. Enter your safe place and imagine a tiny speck of light, no more than that of firefly, a shimmer, a glimmer in the corner of your eye, no bigger than a spark of a sparkler at a summer's celebration of July. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Let us be with you. Then, let us work together to respond to these troubled times.


  1. Pull inward and engage the Magician's Way within yourself. Touch your vulnerability by listening to your negative ego and the lesser self, to be conscious of their games and strategies, and then listen to your strengths — to the strengths and the virtues of the magician that you are. Align with the many faces of yourself as well as with your future self, Higher Self, and Soul. Sense the Oneness and the Power of One. Connect with the ethers and surrender your sense, your pretense, of separateness. Own your wisdom and let it spiral beyond its boundaries. Open to and call upon your alliances. Then open your heart and mind to receive, and finally accept the guidance and protection. Cloak yourself in the Mantle of your Magic, and let us be underway.


  1. Enter the between of worlds. Open your senses. From the between travel to a hotspot in the world that touches your heart and soul. Imagine that you are there in the between and then step into that reality. Imagine yourself there in the midst of that crisis. Open your senses, familiar and unfamiliar.
      1. Still part of the second step: Then gather the anger, the fear, the painful hurt, and jealousy. Gather up the blame and the rage. Gather up the loneliness and despair. Suck it up. Draw it into you, suck it up. You are strong enough. Gather the negativity from the Elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Also gather it from the individual people, from the ordinary people.
      2. Then, flow love into the Elements; flow love into the people. Flow love into the people from whom you gathered the negativity. Fill the void you created with love. Touch those lost in pain and untouched by love. Touch them. Touch them.


  1. Now flow gratitude. We will help you. We will flow gratitude with you. The world needs gratitude. Flow gratitude that emerges not from tragedy, not from fear and pain, but gratitude that emerges from love and from hope, creative, innovative love and hope. The world needs gratitude that emerges from beauty, enchanted beauty. Flow gratitude. We will flow gratitude with you.


  1. Release your angers, fears, painful hurts, and any jealousies that you are carrying. Let go of your blame, even the blame that has come up as you have been gathering information and determining right and wrong, as you have been judging out of your assessing. Release your rage and the whispers of violence within. Release your loneliness and despair if it's there. Fill the void with self love. Fill the void with self love and with the other components of the Valued Self. Fill yourself with gratitude. We will help you. Fill yourself with gratitude. We will flow gratitude into you.


  1. Alive with love and gratitude, visualize the resolution you desire. We will visualize it with you. Yes, see the situation changing in accordance and compliance with your will, your imagination and your love. What if you are wrong? Be courageous, be daring, be willing to work your magic even if you don't have all the answers and even if the answers you have are wrong. Be willing to be wrong in pursuit of what's right. Be willing to be wrong in pursuit of what's right, that's the key. That's the key.


  1. Sense the wonder and be enchanted. Feel connected. Be enchanted: forgiving, enthused with possibility, compassionate, understanding, creative, beautiful, magical. Be enchanted. Be connected to the energy of the hotspot, to the people in that place, to your Higher Self, your Soul, to us, to the world. Sense the wonder and be enchanted. Feel connected: forgiving, enthused with possibility, compassionate, understanding, creative, beautiful, magical.


  1. And finally: Express your gratitude. Express your gratitude, and return to your world.

You asked. We respond. And now we close, with love, with love, yes, with love ... and peace.

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Guidelines for Evaluating Channeling

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Blog: Guidelines for Evaluating Channeling

Channeling has been a part of our spiritual search since that search began. Though the acceptability and the visibility of channeled entities and channeled communication has varied, both have always been present within our study and pursuit of metaphysics. The quality of communication and the quality of the messages vary, and there are guidelines that we can use.

1. Are the teachings limited? Are the teachings giving you the sense that you are less than you really are? There are many who would tell you of your limitation, about how you are a "low-life of the Universe" and how they - the entity - has come to save you. Many would tell you that there is no hope for humankind unless you accept them as your hope. Many erroneously teach that human beings are the truant ones or the remedial ones of the Universe. Such teachings prey upon limitation. Lazaris encourages us to be wary of such teachings and those who teach them.

2. Can you apply the teachings to your life? Is there a pragmatism amid the esoterics? Lazaris points out that it is interesting, even fascinating, to hear about the Ancient Civilizations of Atlantis or of Lemuria, but it is always important to come back to what you can learn about yourself and your current reality. It is vital to assess how such discussions, no matter how intriguing, are going to add to your success, happiness, and joy now in your current world. A valuable question to ask: "How is this going to help me become more real; how is this going to add dimension to who I am?"

3. As you apply the teachings, are you becoming happier, are you finding joy? Are you becoming more of your real self and real Self? Is your life working better and moving you forward upon your metaphysical-spiritual path?

4. When you come away from the teachings, are you feeling and thinking more positively? Are you more open to the possibility of new feeling and new thought? It is not enough to just feel good, Lazaris points out. Our hearts can reflect and express our emotions, but we need to let our minds express and reflect our thoughts and our thinking. Another valuable question: "Has the experience made me more of who I am or has it left me less?"

5. Consistency of an evolving message is a critical guideline. Over the years has the message communicated grown, changed, and evolved while maintaining consistency? In other words, does the message have integrity? Be wary of the message that always says the same thing in the same way as well as being wary of the message that contradicts itself. Also, look to see if the channeled communication "follows the fads."

6. Emotional consistency of the entity is another vital measure. Is the entity moody and broody? Does the entity have an "off day" where the entity is grumpy and snappy? Be wary if so. Watching to assess whether the entity's mood mimics or shadows the channeler's mood offers a valuable clue. The entity should be independent emotionally and mentally from the person doing the channeling. And the quality of the information should not vary depending upon the mood or temperament of the person doing the channeling.

7. Where's the power? A channeling experience should not be disempowering. An entity who may be worth listening to should not be disempowering, nor should they be "taking your power." Lazaris recommends that we be wary of a channel, an entity, or the message resulting from their interaction if the power is not always placed with or given back to you. You and your conscious mind are the seat of your power: current, present, here and now. If this truth is not evident, be cautious.


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About Lazaris and Channeling

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Blog: About Lazaris and Channeling

Lazaris is a channeled entity, but he is so much more. Many who are familiar with metaphysics and channeling say, "There is channeling, and then there is Lazaris."

In the broad stroke of the brush, channeling is a process that begins with deep relaxation that moves into meditation and then beyond into what would better be called a trance-state. Jach, while in this deep trance-state, becomes the conduit for Lazaris. Jach becomes the channel of Lazaris' communication. Lazaris utilizes Jach's vocal cords and Jach's body to channel his own ideas into our world.

From Lazaris:

Historically, every religion has been a channeled communication. There isn't one that is not.

According to Christian belief, Jesus talked to God and communicated God's words to the world. The Prophets, according to the Old Testament and New, communicated with the angels and relayed their stories just as the even more ancient prophets, according to their lore, communicated with the gods and goddesses and relayed their myths.

According to the Jewish religion, Moses was the channel for God as he received the Ten Commandments. The entire concept of the Judeo-Christian religion is that the Bible is the Word of God.

Now, there is not one Christian in the world who would suggest that God sat down with pen and paper. No. Christians and Jews alike believe that God communicated - channeled - information through various individuals. As we have mentioned Moses, it is alleged that he wrote the first five books of that channeled work.

The Bible, according to those who believe, is a channeled text. The Quran and various other Islamic writings are channeled texts. Buddhism is channeled faith and way of life. Every religion is built upon channeled communication; every religion is based upon a philosophy that, according to their own records, was channeled from somewhere beyond the world of illusion.

- Lazaris


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Lazaris Explains Lazaris

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Blog: Lazaris Explains Lazaris

by Lazaris

As we say, we officially began communicating through Jach, the one we call the Channel, on October 3rd, 1974. We had made contact with him much earlier in that year through his own meditative approaches, and indeed much to his surprise! Our initial message to him (as he quite accurately reports it) was "We will call you ... not for you to call us."

And through that period of time we were rather making the initial and completed adjustments such as to make possible our communication without creating any distress or harm to the physical, mental or psychological form of the one who is the Channel.

Prior to that timing (according to your particular schedules it would be during several of his previous lifetimes) we had initially made touch or contact with the Channel to nudge, to gently nudge and suggest (much without his knowing) certain evolutionary developments in preparation for this timing of October, 1974.

During his current lifetime, in his childhood and early adolescence, again ever so gently, we were ever so subtly nudging. For above all we did not want to create any distress, but only to create the opportunity for his growth, as well as for the opportunity for our own and the opportunity for those with whom we would be speaking.

We are the only one, as we have suggested, from our levels of awareness who has ever or who will ever communicate with your planet.

And the only one we shall ever come through is the Channel ... We have taken "time," and a precious great deal of it according to your standard, to make that communication most beneficial, most easy, most clear.

And therefore, we are satisfied and need not explore and expand to channel through any other form in any other capacity.

First of all we are not physical, nor have we ever been, though many have asked us where our lifetimes were, or when we were on the planet, suggesting we must have been in Atlantis or perhaps Lemuria before.

But the answer, the same as always, is: "No, we have not been physical." We have not been on your Physical Plane at any time of its history. Nor, for that matter, on any other planet or system that supports physical life.

Now we rather stress that point, though perhaps it would be very simple for us to just say, "Oh, we existed on some extra- terrestrial planet."

Or, "We existed in some time past (that would never be traceable)."

That would satisfy many, but it would not be the truth. Physical beings have great difficulty dealing with the idea that there are consciousnesses -- and intelligent consciousnesses at that -- that have opted not to develop in any way that resembles a physical development.

Now for many of you that live in the United States, were the question posed, "Is it conceivable to you that there are people who live from birth to death and never, ever set foot upon the United States?"

Answer: "Of course. Naturally so. There are millions of them."

Then why is it so inconceivable when asked: "Is it possible that there are those consciousnesses who exist in their reality who have never been physical?" Why does it seem so ponderously strange?

And we would suggest that just as there are those who have not been in the United States, there are those who have not been physical.

And we are one of them.

You see, in the development of consciousness, you as a spark of consciousness make certain decisions. Among the earlier decisions that you make is: In the process of your growth, do you want to do it in a bodied form, a physicality, or not?

Obviously, those listening to this tape, for the majority, have decided they do, and thus you have, and thus you are physical. However, we broached that question and we decided no, and therefore are not, nor have been physical.

What else are we not? Well, we are not a guru, and we are not a master. Oh dear no! We rather moved beyond those levels long ago, as you would call it in time, in our own awareness of our growth. And therefore, we are not intending ever to be followed, to develop disciples, to be anyone's guru, master or leader.

It was expressed once very nicely by a particular person with whom we have talked. Speaking with someone who had not yet heard or known much about us, this person was asked, "Ah, you're a follower of Lazaris?" After a poignant pause, the individual responded, "No, I'm not a follower. I am a friend."

And that's, in a sensing, what we much prefer. There's nothing wrong with gurus or masters. Nor do we object to their existence. But we would suggest here that eventually each individual, each consciousness, must come to the conclusion that indeed it is its own guru, its own master.

And therefore, out of respect for you, we refuse to fulfill that role even for a moment. Out of respect for ourselves, we refuse to go back to that level, but rather insist upon soaring forth in our own growth.

We are also not a father figure, though many would like to make us such, to replace the lack of a father that they had, for the inadequacies of the one that was there. But again, we steadfastly and with great patience resist this role.

You see, if you attempt to put us into that position, then you will have to treat us as a father, and eventually reject, and eventually create the problems of self-respect. And once again, out of respect for you and your consciousness, we smile, we nod, and say, "No, thank you. Please, we would much rather be your friend -- not your father."


"We are a spark of consciousness" is perhaps the best way to describe us. Content without form. A spark of consciousness that exists and is aware of its existence, that creates thought, that creates reality, just as you are consciousness that creates thought and creates reality. We do it with a greater level of awareness, and we do it without form. That is the difference.

Also, one could well say that we are a multi-leveled consciousness, and thus refer to ourselves as "we." Not because we're so imperial, but simply because we are aware of the multi- levels of our existence.

When you make reference to yourself, you often use the word "I", because at any one moment of consciousness you are most often aware of yourself in the singularity of your physical existence, though intellectually you know you exist on the Astral, and on the higher levels of consciousness, by whatever name you give them. But at a moment, from one to the next, you experience those linearly.

In our consciousness, we experience them exponentially. And therefore, for us to say "I" seems rather meaningless, for we are aware of our existence on multiple levels, multiple levels of awareness. And out of deference to and respect for ourselves, we refer to the multiplicities as "we".

Indeed, we have suggested upon occasion that if we were ever to be physical, we most certainly would have to be a number of people, for we could not all fit into one body form.

Does that mean we're a very large spark of consciousness? A spark is a spark. It is neither large nor small. It has no form. We are simply content.

And we would suggest that you are also a spark of consciousness. You also exist, not only on the Physical, Astral, Causal & Mental Planes -- your expanded playground of awareness -- but you exist on all the other levels of awareness. You exist on the same levels of awareness on which we exist. The difference: We know it. You don't ... yet.

Well, in the Human Potential Movement and in many other systems of growth -- whether they are actually dealing with the potential of the human or not -- there is often this attempt to categorize. "My guru is more important than yours. My master is at a higher level than yours." And many get into this hierarchal structure of what's what and who's where and who's above whom, etc.

In one regard, which is more evolved, the bulb or the tulip, the stem, the leaves, or the flower itself? And indeed, it becomes ludicrous to try to say the bulb is more or less evolved than the tulip petal that eventually unfolds.

Also, we have found that those people to whom it is important to know if it is level #10 or #25 or #36 probably could never understand the meaning and the significance therein, even if we did tell them.

What we would suggest is this: We define from our perspective -- and you can do so as you like -- that there is a Physical reality, and then an Astral reality, and beyond that what we have described or called The Causal Plane of reality where cause and effect is initiated and expanded.

Then there is the Mental Plane of reality, upon which are placed most of what are called "Heavens" -- Christian, Buddhist, or Eastern-religioned or Middle Eastern-religioned heavens, paradises, nirvanas, and utopias -- and the major gods of the major religions of your reality.

These four planes we call the Lower Worlds -- not because they're "less than", but as a point of distinction between them and the Higher Worlds. That distinction also is a distinction of who creates it.

And we would suggest all of you who are physical and all of you who have been physical are responsible for the creative energies that have brought about the Physical, Astral, Causal and Mental Planes of Reality.

Beyond that exists the Higher Realms, which some attach names to (usually Eastern, tongue-tying names which are difficult to pronounce), planes which would be labelled as effectively the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Planes of Reality. And the numbers increase ... forever. For indeed there is no ceiling. There is no limit to the development of consciousness, and similarly no limit to the development of Planes of Reality.

And so, often to the question "What plane are you on?" we suggest: "Pick a number. We'll be there."

We exist on a plane of reality that is far beyond that which we call the Lower Worlds, far beyond that which would be labeled by any system as Solar Planes of Reality.

And perhaps that would be sufficient. For our goal is not to impress you with the number or numbers of planes of our realities, but to assist you by providing insight, insight that we beseech you to accept, not because "Lazaris said so" or a friend of yours got a lot of help, but rather because what we suggest works for you.

And as it works, and allows you to explore your life more fully and more completely, then the matter of "which Plane" diminishes and your ability to create success, your ability to be the whole and total being that you are similarly increases.

... We often look at ourselves (figuratively, for we do not have eyes) as energy that creates thought. We do not think. And those of you who have spoken with us for lengthy periods of time and those for only recent times notice that you never hear us say, "Well, we think this," or "Let us think about that." Because, you see, we don't think.

Thinking involves time. Thinking involves "now" and "then". Therefore, we create thought, and we transmit that created thought in the hopes that it might be perhaps of assistance in our communications with you.


Well, how do we communicate? That also is of curiosity to many.

We would first suggest that we never enter the body of the Channel, for that's not necessary. When you turn on your television set and watch Dan Rather at night, you don't for a moment suspect that dear Dan is sitting inside that little box. You know full well that he's sitting in a station somewhere and rather talking to a camera, which is recording, and then sending those signals through the air to your local receiving station, which then transmits the signal to your local television set, sometimes even by videotape -- how fascinating -- or film.

And we would liken our communication similarly ... We do not enter the physical form of the Channel. We don't get anywhere near that physical plane of reality.

But rather, we connect energies that are thoughts into a system of vibration that we than transmit through the cosmos and the various levels.

It then enters your reality through the Mental Plane, then drifts down, in its way, to the Physical Plane, much as a television signal to the antennae, and then it is amplified and comes out of the vocal cords, the mouth, and the speaking structure of that which is the Channel.

And in its amplification and in its sequencing it sounds suspiciously like words. Your ears pick it up and you hear words. Do we speak? No, we transmit blips and bleeps of energy, if you will, that through their amplification sound like words. And through those blips and bleeps and transmissions of energies, that sound like words, you absorb the ideas, and thus we communicate.

Well, why do we communicate? Well, the first reason -- and to us the most special reason -- is in order to talk to the one who is known as Peny.

Now initially that might sound a bit trite. Well, you came to talk to one person, why are you bothering talking to the rest of us, and why are you bothering making this tape at all? So let us explain that a bit more fully.

As we said at the beginning of this recording, we began nudging the Channel several of his lifetimes ago, and more specifically and more directly in his current life, began an initial contact with him meditatively in early 1974. Then finally we had our "coming out party," so to speak, on October 3rd. All of this, in your sequence of events, was many hundreds of years. In our sequence without time, well, one can't even say it took a moment. All of this so that we might talk with the one Peny.

Early on in our communication she asked us, "What is it that I can do, or we (meaning herself and the Channel) can do to assist you in accomplishing that which you are here to accomplish? What should we do to get out of your way so that you might do for the planet that which you came to do?"

And we smiled and chuckled a bit and proceeded to explain that we had come primarily to talk with her. We had no mission to save anything or anyone, but rather came to talk and chat with her. And if for the remainder of her physical existence we only spoke with her and indeed no one ever heard of our existence or talked with us, our mission would have been accomplished. But if she would like us to talk with others, we'd be more than happy to do so.

She did, we are, and you're hearing this recording. That is because Peny is a very special being to us, a being whom we have been aware of for many and many and many of her lifetimes, though not interfering or involving ourselves, who has developed her own evolutionary path and has proceeded along that path very joyously and very successfully.

She is a very special person, one who touches us very deeply -- the one we came to touch because of her particular focus in this lifetime, a focus which she attempted many lifetimes ago and did not succeed in accomplishing, a focus which she tenaciously decided to do again. Therefore she has returned three additional times beyond that which was necessary in order to accomplish this focus.

And thus we wanted to talk with her, to be with her, to share her experience and our experience as in this lifetime that focus shall be accomplished -- completing a task begun thousands of years ago in her reality. Many of you are aware of the very special energy of the love and the caring and the insight that Peny provides. That love, that caring, that insight, that gem of an energy that is Peny: It is to experience and to bask in that, that we primarily have come to communicate.


Since we have never been physical and have a very natural curiosity, we rather also wanted to learn about your physical reality, but did not want to have to do that through the limitations of form -- a decision, by the by, that we are ever increasingly pleased with. Not that we don't appreciate and respect that which you go through as physical beings, but exactly because we do respect and appreciate it. Therefore, we are quite proud of our decision ever so "long" ago not to go through that hassle you call physicality.

But since we did want to learn, and therefore chose to do it in this manner, we decided to make that also a two-way experience, such that we not only are learning about your physical plane, but also are giving you an opportunity to see your own reality from our perspective.

Therefore there is an exchange: For what you give us in awareness of your reality, we more than happily and most definitely enjoy exchanging our perspective in offering you insight into ours ...

That is why we do workshops and seminars. We want very much to have the opportunity to share with you as specifically as we can our observations of your reality, as you have created it, offering you perhaps insights and suggestions of how you might alter your perspective, change your approach, such as to create a reality more to your own liking.

Those of you who have been with us notice that we never tell you what to do. We only make suggestions. We suggest this, and we suggest that, for there is no expectation that you must accomplish anything.

We respect you to know what is best for you, and therefore, if you want to create the reality you're creating, we are not going to tell you otherwise, but will suggest perhaps more helpful or beneficial ways of approaching your reality. No issue is too large or too small. No human question is too intelligent or too dumb.

For indeed, the curiosity we have about that which is physical and the human form does not get bored, for boredom requires time. Nor do we get impatient. Similarly, impatience requires time. We also enjoy talking with people about their past lives. We hesitate as we say the term, for it is a misnomer since all lifetimes are concurrent. All lifetimes are simultaneous and are only labeled "past" for the convenience of categorizing them. We enjoy sharing that perspective, because, you see, without time we can be aware of your past, present and future, and therefore we can dip in and tap in for you, and explore with you that which is there to be discovered.

Our intent in talking of lifetimes is not to entertain, though indeed many of the lifetimes are extremely so. But rather, the purpose is to provide you with a grasp and understanding, a perspective of fitting it together in a larger scope, such that you might benefit and grow not only from knowing what the lifetimes have been, but also from learning how to work with them, which is an integral part of a life reading. It shows you how you might augment those very positive and powerful aspects of what you've been in other experiences, and also assist you in learning how to diminish those less positive influences.

Many who talk of lifetimes want to suggest that they control you. Quite to the contrary, you control yourself, but they augment or they influence your perceptions and perspectives. And as you can become aware of the tint of your rose-colored glasses, so you can compensate and adjust for that to allow yourself a clearer vision. With many with whom we talk we share their blockages, those things that get in the way of creating that absolutely delightfully successful life.

You see, in order to overcome hurdles, first you have to construct them. But also, you then forget that you were the one that constructed them, and keep stumbling over them in the dark. And so, if we can perhaps help shed light and point out those particular hurdles, and help you understand why you created them, then you can learn and allow yourself to glide over them with grace, and then in time, satisfy yourself that you have learned how to overcome them ... and then get rid of them altogether.

Our emphasis in talking with people is providing techniques. We never tell people: "This is the way it is and therefore accept it," but rather explain: "This is the way you created it, and therefore, if you want it, accept it. But if you don't like what you've created, here's about 15 or 20 different ways in which you can work with it" -- because the reality is that you create everything, and, therefore, you have the reins in your hands. Perhaps we can assist you in learning how to more skillfully use those reins to direct your life more propitiously.

There are so many aspects, so many messages you give yourself, and many times you overlook them. For example: the importance of dreams.

Dreams are coded messages that your Subconscious and Higher Consciousness attempt to give you. You see, in many ways your brain has been Chairman of the Board, so to speak, for all of your life, and fairly comfortable in its cushy chair. And when you come along and decide, "All right. Now I'm ready to grow, ready to expand and to explore my own spiritual development."

You, in a sense, are kicking the brain out as Chairman of the Board and replacing it with the mind, which is ... how do you say ... run by, fueled by, the Subconscious and Higher Conscious minds.

And the brain is sometimes a bit resentful and jealous of being dethroned and will do what it can to throw up interference. That's where the ego gets involved -- as with the person who in their meditation gets very clearly that they are God, or God's specific messenger to save the planet. For that is where the ego gets involved in terms of in meditations and in altered states kicking up very negative and very destructive information.

The brain gets in the way, and therefore the Higher Consciousness and Subconsciousness, being more shrewd, figure out ways of sending you coded messages, ways of alerting you to things to pay attention to, alerting you to things to watch out for and to be aware of.

These coded messages come through dreams many times. These coded messages also respond in the health and physical well-being of the body. To stub your toe is many times a message to watch where your footing is going. To develop a problem with your eyes is telling you you're afraid of seeing. Ringing in the ears could be a statement that you're not willing to listen or that you ought to pay attention more to what you're hearing.

And then it could be any number of other things, and to insist that you know and insist that you figure it all out by yourself is perhaps asking a bit too much. And so it is that we enjoy exchanging our perspective to rather help you understand ways and means of decoding these messages so frequently given. Similarly: meditations. A beautiful, but not essential, technique of growth. And for those of you who want to develop, we are more than happy to assist you both in unraveling the amount of dogma and the amount of information that has been disseminated through the aeons of time and in providing you little personal and unique approaches that can help you, but not necessarily everyone, with their meditative approaches. Basically, in our exchange of perspective, we want to offer you an opportunity to see yourself more clearly and an opportunity to do as you wish, an opportunity not only to realize that you hold the reins of your reality, but that you can actually creatively do something about it.

Also we like to talk with people about their focuses. Now we use that term focus, because words like purpose, task, mission, or duty sound so very ominous, as though someone up there opened a fortune cookie and rather gave you an assignment: "This is your job. Don't come back til it's done!"

The word focus implies much more completely the self-choice that is involved. Like a focus of a lens that you wide-angle or zoom, you can slip filters of varying sizes and shapes and colors in front of the lens to change the perspective. And indeed, you also have the opportunity to refocus on something else entirely. And though it is true that each lifetime has a focus -- indeed seven of them -- you have the choices and you have the options. Which brings us to the final reason we are communicating. And that is to offer alternatives, to offer choices. You see, you do create your own reality, and many of you know that, and many of you feel that and experience that. But often you have not considered the choices that are available, and often are being told that you must make this happen, or you must do this, or you are supposed to use your creativity, your power, your spirituality this way or that.

And that's all well and good, and the intentions of those that tell you what to do may well be very clear. But we would suggest that you deserve to know your options, to know the choices, to know that which is available to you, and to have the choice as to whether you want to make your reality work, or -- as we would suggest -- let it work ... let yourself have success, let yourself have joy, let yourself have spirituality. It is waiting, trying to bust into your reality.


What is our purpose, our focus, as we would call it? It is not to save the planet. The planet, indeed, can take good care of itself. It has been doing so and will do so ... The Earth was taking care of itself long before each of you hearing this recording were born into this lifetime, and it will be doing so long after you die from this one.

We are not here to save you, either. You can do that. We are simply here because it's fun. Because we enjoy it, and because of the "Aha!" moments of realization and pleasure. You see, about 1% of our energy (if one were to be dividing it into percentages at all) is involved in communicating with the physical world, your Earth plane, your planet, your planet only. The remainder of our energies are involved in doing exactly the same thing -- communicating, sharing, offering choices of alternatives, and offering perspectives to those consciousnesses which have long since moved beyond your physical plane and are on the evolutionary patterns of the higher levels.

And so our purpose, our focus, is to have fun, to enjoy the "Aha!" of your realization, and to bask in that energy of your growth. No expectations. No demands. Simply to have fun, and indeed if it were not fun, we would not do so. And it is not your responsibility to make it fun for us -- for yourself, yes -- but for us, no. For above all, we do indeed create our own reality, and we do indeed take full and total responsibility for that which we experience.

We have fun. We do not want to save anything. Perhaps the only thing we'd want to save is your right to make choices, and your right to decide what is best for you. Perhaps we'd want to save your right to take full and total responsibility for your reality, and indeed that is perhaps what we're about.

When it comes right down to it, we want to be your friend, and as a friend to enjoy your experiences as you enjoy them, to laugh with your joy, and to be there to help you when you cry. We want to be able to give insight, understanding, awareness, and to receive the joy of your experience of yourself. To lead you? No. To master you? No. To have you praise and honor us? Definitely not. To be a friend. To be a friend.

With love and peace ...


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It Seems To Me

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Blog: It Seems To Me

by Jach

I feel an urge to be quiet. Not inactive, no, but quiet as I go about working my magic in my life and for the world. So with the influx of activity in the world specifically in Syria, I am being quiet.

It's September 23, the second most powerful day of the year. In my quiet, I am calling upon the grandmothers and grandfathers of Sirius, and I am calling upon my future selves, several of them, and together we are creating a union of magic, a confluence of our various magics, to flow into the world.

During the One-Day workshops, Lazaris talked about the unique nature of the current chaos in the world. He spoke of a convergence of an array of futures from the constricting to the expanding - from the negative to the positive. These futures are not manifesting but they are converging in the present. To this, there is a convergence of the prevailing human crises of dignity, character, vision, and vitality and of the continuing crises of fear and of hope. With all these energies converging in the present, the current chaos is different. It is more intense and more prevalent. We all feel that.

Chaos, by its nature, is a delicate state. It precedes and follows change, all change no matter how big or small. In addition, even a subtle shift during a state of chaos can ultimately have huge impact. This is why such states - states that seem totally random with no order or direction in which the most subtle of shifts can generate profound change - are called chaos.

While these futures and these crises are converging, during the chaos, all sorts of choices and decisions are being made. Those choices and decisions produce subtle shifts. What will be the impact? What changes will eventually emerge from those subtle shifts in the domain of chaos?

I now understand more fully why Lazaris spoke of October as a time to be cautious. With the raging political conflicts, internationally and nationally, it seems too easy to make choices and decisions that are fraught with hidden agendas and riddled with hasty and sometimes irrational shortsightedness. It seems too easy to build choices and decisions upon an armature of constricting emotions: anger, fear, hurt, blame, revenge.

Change begins with me. I need to be cautious with my choices now and with my decisions. Then I can work my magic to dream that others are also being cautious. I can make a map of cautious choice, and I can dream that others find such maps for themselves.

To this end, I am being quiet, and in the stillness, I quietly make my choices. I work to weed out any of my hidden agendas and to weave in a bit of wisdom: seeing the bigger picture without losing sight of the current one; reaching beyond logic and reason without losing touch with either, and letting my imagination be wild and wonderful without losing my tether to the rational.

In the quiet, I am working on my vision of my future. I expand my image and sense myself in my future as my world becomes new.

My choices. That comes first. Then I am working magic on the impact - the affect and the effect - of the choices and decisions others are making. Perhaps I cannot change their choices, but I can change the impact of those choices in accordance and compliance with my will, my imagination, and my love. I am a magician. I can work magic.

My vision. This also comes first, and then I work my magic to build a vision for the world. From my world becoming new, I envision the world being new. I don't know the details of what happens between "here and now" and "there and then." I don't need to detail in the Between of worlds. Somewhere in the Between of "here and now," magic happens. Beyond the Between, there is the "there and then". Magic happens. I am okay with that.

I am quiet, but I am very busy working my magic of dreaming others waking up with caution, of working my magic of change, and of infusing my choices and decisions and the choices and decisions of others with wisdom.

Right now, this is how it seems to me.

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Honoring and Healing Water

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Blog: Honoring and Healing Water

by Lazaris

Dear Everyone,

Lazaris made an audio recording, "Honoring Water," as a response to our concerns about the Fukushima situation and the current drought in Southern California. Here is the link and the transcript.

Message from Lazaris:

All right. All right. Of course it is a pleasure. It always is. Because so many of you are concerned about potential dangers of radiation pollution from Fukushima, and because you are concerned about the growing Water Crisis in Southern California, we thought we would offer some observations and suggestions. We are not going to say all that could be said about these very real concerns. No one could do that anyway. However we do want to plant a few seeds in the magic you are working. We want to talk about Honoring Water.

Of course we encourage you to do what you do, to do what by your nature and by your grace you do: to dream, to love, to heal, and of course, to work magic. Do these in your individual and unique ways, and do these things together, together in harmony and balance more than in space and time, together in harmony, together in balance. Beyond this, let’s talk of Honoring Water.

As we suggested, the Element Water played a significant role during the final phase of 2013 and you saw the expressions of that significance with the flooding in Colorado and with the torrential rains from the typhoons in Central America. Water continues to play a significant role as the Year of Gratitude gets underway. Both these concerns, one a potential crisis the other a full crisis, involve water and involve the Element of Water with all its metaphors.

Water changes. It’s about changing and growing. It’s about transmuting and transforming. Water is about the strength of character and integrity. Each of these are key to gratitude. Water is also integral to the flow of possibility and the power of the possible. Water flows and it can flow with passion and inspiration. Each can become ebullient. Each can become effervescent because of soul, because of the soul and spirit of water. Water erodes and builds up. The world is in the midst of change, of growing and changing, of transmuting and transforming. Yours is a world that needs the strength of human character and integrity and the strength of the possible. It is a world that calls out for both passion and inspiration. Of course Water with its metaphors is at the forefront of your reality and is at the forefront of the world’s energy.

This is the Year of Gratitude and the dangers to water and the absence of water are calling you to awaken your sense of gratitude. Gratitude is a feeling and it begins there, and it lifts to action and again it expandsto become a state of mind, a state of being.

In this circumstance, we suggest initiating your magic by personally feeling grateful for water, grateful for the water in your life and for what water has meant and what it currently means to you. Yes, it is essential to life, essential to health and well-being, and water plays a critical role in so many aspects of your life. It gives you so much more than you ask for, so much more than expect, and so much more than you can imagine. In its way water is miraculous. Be grateful; feel your gratitude. Be grateful for the miracle that water is and for the miracle water has been and is in your life.

Energetically, water is under great stress. The Nature spirits, the water spirits and sprites, the devic forces of water are all entangled in great amounts of stress. Water pollution everywhere creates it, and currently the Fukushima situation is exacerbating that stress. The drought in Southern California is a reflection and expression of that stress, and it is also a harbinger of potential distress – water distress – coming in your world. Years ago we talked about how water would become more valuable than oil and the “oil wars” could potentially be replaced with “water wars.”

There is a powerful link between the Fukushima situation and the current drought. It is time for you to stand tall and to life your voice. It is time for you to be heard. Let your magic be heard.

We suggest the following:

Be grateful for the water in your life. Each day, each day take a moment to be grateful for the water that you use and for what water gives you, for what water gives you: welcome it, appreciate it, thank it, be empathic for its plight. Sense the Undine and likewise feel gratitude by welcoming, appreciating, and thanking them. Be empathic. Sense the water sprites and feel the presence of the Water Devas. When you pour a glass of water or open a bottle to drink, when you wash your hands, your face, or when you bathe, when you water your plants, irrigate your yard, whenever you engage water, honor it, honor it, with your gratitude. No, not every time you engage it, but at least once a day honor water with your gratitude. Do this honoring with your heart and mind and not by rote. Be conscious not automatic.

So many people are wanting so much from water. What can you give to water? What can you give to the Undine and to the water sprites? What can you give the Devas of Water? You want so much from water. First give to water. Attention, appreciation, understanding, caring, concern for it and for its welfare, and give healing. Rather than asking water to heal you, you work to heal water.

Be a Champion of Giving and Healing. Flow your giving and healing through you into water and then flow the giving and healing of humankind through you into water. Work your magic to heal and to restore water.

Work your magic to heal and to restore water. In this regard, we would suggest, each day, take a small glass of water, a glass glass preferably, and flow your giving, flow your healing, and flow the giving and healing of humanity into that glass of water. And then, pour it gently into the earth or place it on the sill in the sun to let it evaporate, to let the water to return to itself through the earth or through the air.

Finally, Gather the Ancients and let them find their place out there in the Pacific for example, and also in other trouble spots such as in Africa and other locations where the stress and distress of water -- the crises of water -- are most evident. Gather the Ancients and let them find their place, and then let the Ancients work their magic, let the Ancients work their magic.

Stand with the Ancients and participate in the magic. Stand with the Ancients, let your magic be heard. Let your magic be heard.

Will the dangers of Fukushima disappear? Will it begin raining in Southern California? No. Certainly not immediately. In time, yes, but remember your goal is to give. Your goal is to feel grateful in this Year of Gratitude. Your goal is to give to water and to heal water. Your goal isn’t to get; it’s to give, exalted giving expecting nothing in return. You will reap the bounty of your magic, but first it is valuable to hold the singular focus and singular will: gratitude, understanding, giving, healing.

Be heard in your world. Let your magic sing. Let your magic sing.

With love, with love, and peace.
~ Lazaris

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Lazaris on the Death of Princess Diana

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Blog: Lazaris on the Death of Princess Diana

By Lazaris

Dear Everyone,

On this Saturday, the day of Princess Diana's funeral, Lazaris dictated a message on the death of Princess Diana. I share that message with each of you.

- Jach Pursel

Amid the flurry of emotion, amid the flurry of information, many are trying to pull together the many issues around Princess Diana's death to make them just one issue. Many are following the understandable temptation to make the many only one. It seems more manageable that way; it seems simpler to attempt to handle or deal with one overwhelming issue rather than manage, handle, and deal with many different issues.

It is simpler. But simplicity breeds difficulty. Many are having a very difficult time finding answers and understanding for the many questions: Why?

To find ease of understanding and to ease your pain, seek complexity rather than simplicity. As we have suggested when speaking of enchanted wisdom, resist the temptation and even the seduction of "one problem." In this case, we urge you to resist the temptation or even seduction of making Diana's death "one issue." Similarly, we suggest the answer does not lie in solution; it lies in resolution.

Why did Diana die?

This is her process. She has a right to privacy. Allow her that in her death. Allow her that that so many would not allow her in life. Many would be saddened by the lack of privacy this woman was allowed in life and then attempt to invade that privacy in her death. There are those who would now condemn the photographic paparazzi only to become the psychic paparazzi claiming to have the "inside reasons" for her death. Why did she die? This is her process. Honor and respect her by honoring and respecting it.

Why does this death touch the world so profoundly?

This year could have been called a year of presence. During this year, we have often reminded you, many will awaken. You, the mapmaker who goes out ahead of the consensus to which you are still a part, have experienced the range of emotion that accompanies awakening; most have not.

Now the world is beginning to awaken; the world is initiating presence. The many peoples are beginning to awaken and find the first vestiges of presence. Without authority, without a relationship with Soul and Spirit, such awakening and such presence risks sadness and despair.

Diana's death is a trigger; it is a catalyst. Her death gave people within the world a permission and an authority they could not yet find within themselves. People are feeling emotions more fully than before. Some are feeling emotion and they do not even know why. They are waking up without knowing what is happening to them. The first emotions are often ones of sadness, loss, loneliness, and tragedy. Diana's death gives people a reason. It has become a source of empowerment for a world where people could not find that source within their hearts and minds. Now they use that empowerment to open their hearts ... and their minds.

With this awakening, so the Soul is awakening. People are discovering their Soul. No matter the name they say, it is their Soul.

What is Soul?

We remind you, Soul is a love. It is a love, that at one moment, weeps at the unjust and inhumane in the world and in the next moment rejoices at the smallest act of human kindness. It is a love, that at one moment perceives hope and possibility in every event, and in the next grieves when you are unable or unwilling to respond to that hope and possibility.

The world discovers that it has Soul ... weeping and grieving. This death is the trigger; it is a catalyst. It is not the unjust or the missed hope of one woman that touches the world so profoundly. It is the unjust and inhumane, it is the missed or unanswered hope and possibility, in the world that touches so deeply.

Why does Diana's death touch you?

While Soul is awakening in the world, your Soul is calling you to the adventure. This death is a trigger that you can utilize to awaken passion so that you can hear that call. It is not the only trigger or the one of your Soul's preference. But it is here and your Soul will not let this death be in vain.

The call is one that brings you to face what really matters to you in your life and to face your own complexity. Your Soul calls you to deepen and expand your feminine and masculine energy regardless of your gender as it also calls you to explore the hallows of love, beauty, enchantment, or solitude. Your Soul calls you to embrace that love that weeps and rejoices; it calls you to embrace that love that perceives and grieves.

Why does this death touch you?

Diana was a tragic figure and her life ended in tragedy. She is neither a goddess nor an archetype; she was a woman with a script of tragedy. Arthur Miller's Willy Loman was not a god or an archetype; he was a tragic man.

The archetypal hero is one who wins at life and at living. They know victory and they also know triumph: the victory of character. The hero has a "flaw." They will always fight for dignity and for freedom; they will always fight for character and integrity.

The archetypal tragic hero does not win. They may fight valiantly, but they do not win.

We say "flaw" because that is how this incredible strength is viewed and often perceived within your consensus reality. Too many people, now alienated, cut-off, and feeling abandoned, have "healed" this "flaw." Too many have given up; too many have quit.

As we have said, the "flaw" of the tragic hero is that they will not stop searching for their dignity and for their right to be free. Even though that seeking will destroy them, they will not give up; they will not quit. Some who begin as potential tragic heroes find their spirituality and become heroes. Their victory is one of character; they triumph.

Many tragic heroes do not find their spirituality. They do not hear the call of Soul. Many tragic heroes don't win ... many die a tragic death.

To define a tragic death by the number of broken bones or by the mangle of metal and flesh is sophomoric. A tragic death is a death that comes when a tragic hero dies.

Diana fought for her dignity and freedom. Most often she didn't know it. She was mystified by why she did the things she did. Often she had no idea what it was for which she was fighting, but she would not stop fighting. She made many mistakes, but she had this "flaw," she would not quit.

Her search was not a noble one though her station in life was called such. She did not do it right nor did she find what she sought. She traveled down many wrong roads in her search. She remained too entangled and encumbered in her blockages, but she did not quit. Even though she did not find her spirituality, she did not stop looking. In the midst of her tragedy, she was a hero ... a tragic hero.

Please hear us, we are not talking about why she died. That is still private. We are talking about why she is a tragic hero. Because she was a tragic hero who never found her dignity or her freedom, her death touches you. That is the nature of the tragic hero's death. It touches you deeply. It touches your authenticity and conscience built on freedom and dignity. It touches your character and integrity. The death of a tragic hero touches your Soul.

Why are you touched by this death?

It carries too many symbols around the fear of loss and the fear of death itself. If this could happen to her, what could happen to you? She was a princess: rich, famous, beautiful; had clout. She had all the stuff the child-adolescent thinks would solve all your problems. She had all the stuff the weak Ego-I claims "if only you had your life would be wonderful.

The child-adolescent and weak Ego-I ignore all those blockages and entanglements that made Diana "newsworthy." The child-adolescent and weak Ego-I call it sad and say it's a pity but they ignore the meaning and significance of those limitations. The Negative Ego says that it can handle those difficulties.

"If only you had all that she had," Negative Ego says, "you could handle it." Negative ego can sound convincing in its lie. It is persuasive when it tries to convince you that "if only ... ," you would do it right.

For many, this death touches because it threatens the death of child's or adolescent's fantasy. The fantasy of being the princess (or the prince) needs to die. This death can be a beginning for many. This is another reason why it touches so deeply.

Why does it touch the world with a sense of shock?

Diana was Cinderella. Though she was already a princess, she was perceived as being at sufferance of that Royal Family. The Queen and that "stuffy and boring Royal Family" were perceived as the wicked stepmother and stepsisters.

Was Dodi the new prince charming? Many would like to think so and the rumor mill will spin a Rumplestiltskin story that he was. Facts will belie the fairytale, but . .

Racing home in her regal carriage ... it was after midnight, after all ... Suddenly, the beautiful carriage becomes a pumpkin ... a hopelessly smashed pumpkin.

That's not how the story is supposed to end. The world is shocked.

Why did Diana die?

There are many women, aged 36, single mothers, with two growing children, who die. There are many people who, at their eleventh hour or just beyond it, enter the narrows (the tunnel) and get caught. Her reasons are as personal and as unique as any woman's might be.

When people die, there is a tendency to canonize or demonize them. The fear of death generates this phenomenon. Saints and devils, as lofty or as low as they may be, are not people. It is safe for saints or demons to die. It is frightening for people to die.

Why did you allow the death to affect you so?

Could it be to reveal more of the mystery and more of the secrets of life, of love, and of caring?

Perhaps it was to reveal the mysteries of your Soul with its dignity as a world reveals its Soul through tragedy ... to discover more of your Spirit with its joy while the world awakened its Spirit with despair.

Maybe you are currently unraveling the old patterns to retrieve more of what has been lost of your power while dismantling current patterns to restore what has been forgotten or abandoned of self. Maybe pieces of the past are dying in you so that more of who you are becoming can begin to grow and blossom

It could be that you wanted to remember and reunite with the nature and the grace that is still present and now awakening within humankind all over your world. The grace of human beings as well as the depth of Soul and Spirit are beautiful ... so much more beautiful than you yet know.

Millions have placed flowers and have lighted candles. These flowers will wilt, die, and be swept away. These candles will go out.

Will yours?

The choice is now yours.

This is where you are coming from. Where will it lead?

You are not alone. Never again will you be alone. Never. We love you so ... more than you can ever know ... we love you.

Love and peace,

-- Lazaris

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