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  • Crystals: The Power & Use

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    Lazaris has often said that the re-emergence of the interest both in The Goddess and in crystals is integral to the consciousness of the New Age. Lazaris begins with a brief history of crystals and their beautiful spiritual uses in Lemuria: Sometimes they were packed with knowledge that exists to this day; sometimes they were used for healing. And before Lemuria retreated back into the Mist, some of the crystals were scattered for us to find later. Lazaris then traces the unfortunate misuse of crystals in Atlantis, and the retreat of crystal energy in those times. Then he moves on to show us how to most effectively use the various kinds of crystals -- amethyst, rose quartz, rutilated crystals -- and tells us which shapes are best for very specific uses from generating ideas to physical manifestation. The meditation is a magical, yet practical one to discover a crystal of our own in the more real meditative state. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...


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    Meditation: Crystal Meditation

    Keywords: Crystals, Quartz, Atlantis, Lemuria, The Goddess

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